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The cause of an event will determine the way to go or to handle it, either with soft hand or the hard way, that is based on its cause. We are obliged to learn from history rather than been ignorant of it which will in turn caused us great harm.

When I said that Nigeria kill Nigerians, mind you that I didn't just alleged it rather I got my back up intact. The meaning of the words "Nigeria kill Nigerians", is that the Constitution is the cause of the major problems Nigerians are facing today, but unfortunately only a few of them knows it and those that knew it chooses to be quiet while watching Nigeria killing Nigerians.

They might say something but it will not be taken seriously because those that are in the Hem of the affairs will shut down their voices just as they are doing to those clamouring for a restructured Nigeria, a mission that is impossible and only believed by those who lack understanding.

Nigeria can never be restructured, even Atiku knows that, but he has decided to ride on the back of those clamouring for it in other to ascend into power then everything about restructuring will become secondary as usual and if anybody insist on reminding him, the person will pay with his life. Yet many people are still blind to see the hand written on the wall.

In the national assembly, the Southern Nigeria is losing based on the number. And know it, that it will take One third of the population in the Senate chamber before any motion can be Discussed, talk more of moving it, and passing it into law. The South East is lacking, even the South West, or the South South, none of them can do anything tangible as a geo-political zone even when they combine forces in the National Assembly. The North has the numbers, and can determine, anything they want, and all the things they want must be for the interest of the Northerners only.

We are in a country where someone or some people decides our destiny for us, thereby regarding us as slaves, that is what we are. If we failed to utilize this opportunity that was brought before us by Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who had defied all odds just to give us our lost freedom and glory.

I know that many will find it hard to believe when I said that the Python Dance, which happened in the Eastern region of Nigeria has a Constitutional back up, even the killing of the Shiite Muslims, numbering 200 people also has Constitutional back up. What do you understand when President Goodluck Jonathan, said "If I use half of my powers as the president of Nigeria, believe me there will be no Nigeria." In these words he is referring to the power the evil Constitution conferred on the President of Nigeria. It makes him to be above the law sort of. This is the reason while the Nigerian president is rated as the most powerful president in the world, with the sole reason that he is the head of the government and also Chief of the Arm Forces, a power that even the American president is not allowed to possess.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said "Insanity is when you believed that the one who forcefully restructured the country in a way that will suite him, will also be the one to voluntarily restructure it the way that he will be losing. The Best for you is to free yourselves from it", these are words on the marble.

So now, how will Nigerians kill Nigeria before Nigeria will kill them first?

The best way to achieve this is first, start a revolution, this follows uprising or if the government is sensible she will convene a Sovereign National Conference without no go areas and then a referendum where every tribe will come and decide whether to remain in Nigeria or to break away from her.

The only peaceful revolution that NIGERIANS will embark on to avoid bloodshed is the one that is already been championed by the great IPOB, that is #ElectionBoycott, which is the only way to humble the government and bring her to her knees, so that she can heed the cries of the masses and do the needful.

But if Nigerians chooses to do otherwise by voting in those who are seriously stealing from us waiting for next year, to give us peanut, then I am sorry, for the Constitution will continue to kill Nigerians.

Either way they choose to do it, next year will determine the fate of Nigerians and their Nigeria...but as for us, Biafrans, we have already made up our minds to boycott all the boycottables come next year's election, and we must stick to it because BIAFRA is the Terminus.


Written by:
Okpara Louis Okpara Louis
(TBRV Writer / Reporter)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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