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Everything has a benchmark, everything got a standard. This is so because nothing is expected to be perfect and truly, nothing is.

Most of us abhor Nigeria not that we expect perfection from her or because there is a perfect country out there, nope, there is a benchmark for hopefulness and hopelessness, Nigeria has surpassed that for hopelessness.

We are not randomly disliking this fraud of a country for sport or the fun of it. No, it is because of certain parameters. I don't need to start counting some litany of conditions that portray this hopelessness, we have our five senses, we have TVs, we have android phones and are on Facebook to read all the iniquities happening here in the name of running a country.

Triggered by these, most of us willingly aligned with the IPOB and the Biafran struggle, hook, line and sinker. This was a self-call to service. I needed no convictions, it was all it, it was all worth a try

As times passes by, I grow into this. Family and friends very surprised at my conviction, surprised at my faith and resolve. I came from a strong catholic family but I knew I had to separate religion or Catholicism and the struggle. I can't even allow the church have one on this struggle. Rome who owns the church is an organized place, they shouldn't hinder my own progress, yes, I can still give them my offerings here, I can still genuflect before entering the church building and when leaving with a dab on the stoup for some holy water, but last thing I will do is to love the church more than this struggle. I know that God exists but I still know that He is not religious and does not live in a church, His abode is in the spiritual heaven. If I should abandon the struggle for the church, I should have no right to pray for the betterment of my situation because God will not ascend with a chariot from the clouds to give me Biafra. Even Moses and other Jewish patriarchs had to do many exploits for God's will and plan, to come through.

I try to manage those who don't believe in my struggle but still respect it, I also try to manage those who are as unstable as Igweocha rain, those who are moved by spurs of the moment. I try to manage the humpty dumpty who are forever stuck on that fence, I go hard on anyone whose stock in trade is to demean what we are trying to achieve here.

I have always said that we are not perfect, neither is MNK, but what we do know is that we know when to be most wise. If you are an idiot who never believed in this struggle, you will allow your Atikulation come in between. Most people are like that Cock on a wind vane which is used to determine the direction of the wind, they face where the wind is blowing.

We are all entitled to our decisions. Everything and every day are a feeding fest. You should pray not to be found at the bottom of the food chain because once fallen, you will be eaten.

Nobody is obligated to massage anyone's ego, it is either you are in or out. You might have supported this struggle in big magnitudes but we are all subject to it and its dictates.

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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