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The spontaneity with which the maddening crowd of restructuring apostles respond combatively to salient and pertinent questions on their restructuring confirm clearly that either they are ignorant of what they are proposing, or, they are outrightly being mischievous.

Put them to a little test by asking such questions as; Will they restructure a non-existing entity (country), knowing that Nigeria legally stopped existing in 2014?

If restructuring has to be part of the equation in the bid to consider the redeemability of Nigeria, the legality of Nigeria, and the willingness of the components/constituents of Nigeria, and the terms and conditionalities of their togetherness, have to be primarily established, negotiated, and ratified.

It is the existence of the above primary conditions that would have necessitated the birth of the terminology "restructuring", but since something cannot be built on nothing, the basis of the introduction of the word restructuring, does not exist.

Do not forget that Nigeria, as is presently constituted, is a mere colonial experiment, which Britain intended, and established to last for exactly one hundred years, and even notated same, with a caveat that at the expiration of the experiment period (100 years), any of the entrapped nations, which could possibly not feel satisfied with the outcome of the experiment that Nigeria represents, is free to exit unto sovereignty.

Now, seeing that Nigeria has not worked, because of the high level of incompatibility in the entrapped, and rather feuding nations, it becomes compulsive that the first step towards seeking the salvageability of Nigeria, is to convoke a sovereign national conference, where the fused nations will ascertain and declare their desire in the continuity of the union/partnership. This certainly, is not a task for the selected British /caliphate agents, called the National Assembly, nor by any gang of jihadists fraudsters, or bandits, called political parties, as is presently obtainable, whether in, or out of power.

Now, seeing the pivotal function, and indispensability of sovereign national conference, in order to legitimize, or validate the existence of Nigeria as a country, you begin to wonder why those who are desperate for the continued existence of Nigeria as one entity, have found themselves reluctant, if not totally averse to convoking same.

Nigerians are fond of brandishing their academic degrees, their analytical prowess, their unlimited capacities and capabilities, and their expertise in all walks of life. But whenever it comes to the issues of the illegality, and the subsistence of same, with regards to Nigeria, you see them all voluntarily or inadvertently scurrying for cover, by going dumb, numb, mute, and even despondent.

It then follows, and that clearly, that those who are self-acclaimed apostles and advocates of restructuring are plainly ignoramuses, camouflaged mischief makers, agents of the exploitative beneficiaries of the monstrous experiment called Nigeria, or mere opportunistic scavengers, who want the aberration called Nigeria to continuously subsist, so that they can perpetually feed on the calamities and carcasses of their own people. This shows that they neither know the meaning, the place, the Implication, nor the consequences of advocating for restructuring, instead of SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE.

Biafrans are not among these confused lot. Biafrans have made their position very clear. The position of Biafrans is that humans do not coexist with barbarians and savages, who have no value for anything, including human life. Therefore, on no account can Biafrans continue with such nihilistic bandits and exterminators. Biafrans have therefore determinedly resolved to exit the existential cauldron called Nigeria, and nothing on earth can reverse this resolution.


Written by:
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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