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To be honest, you see this refrain "good shall prevail over evil", I dey look that saying one kyn one kyn. I have seen where evil murdered and buried good and has been like that ever since, there are many good(s) that no longer draw breath because they were obliterated by evil.

Most times, I am wont to believe that this is just a mere philosophy of men rather than a foolproof fact.

Another thing I believe in is TRUST. I make it a duty to trust if I should. You see this IPOB's new statement on Abia and Ebonyi, I totally support with every cell in my body. Let the one of Anambra be a mistake we made, let us be ridiculed for it. We who are not in this for our ego but our goal shall take it without desolation.

You see those people asking for arms struggle? Most might not know what it entails. I am not ruling it out but I believe we ain't ready both financially and psychologically for now.

You must understand this, Nigeria and the world at large are ruled by evil. I must tell you that what attracted people to MNK and the IPOB is nothing but baring unhindered truths. Many Nigerians see truths as insults but that is what the world has done to herself especially ours here. From all what MNK has been preaching, there is supposed to have been a revolution like yesterday, but then, Nigeria is what it is. A place where the sufferers kill themselves for people who suffer them, a place where you are hushed by your fellow sufferers for complaining, a place where you are expected to keep quiet while suffering.

When you speak the truth, they call it Igbo agenda for domination. In this place, some people believe in restructuring, they know that the political class can never grant that, they also know that if we align with the IPOB in carrying out boycotting or sit at home orders that the nation will halt and demands met, but you see, they love suffering and are so evil to key in. If the whole southeast could be shutdown, why can't other Nigerians key in for a total national shutdown and demand restructuring? But the biggest question is this, who really needs this restructuring and who are those who really are against it? This, I believe is even where the wahala comes from. Most people who talk restructuring just do it for political gimmickry and it ends there, in actual sense, they feel their regions will lose some lopsided advantages and monopolies.

The minorities in the South-South will never know that they are but Nigeria's farmland. They are just as good as that. Nigeria knows that people who speak distinctive languages with different cultures hardly agree when governed centrally, but then, this is what we have here. If you go to Abuja, you will see what oil is doing there, but then, who builds a skyscraper in a farmland? The farm is for tilling only. Goodluck Jonathan was nothing but an accidental president who was given only a tenure to savour by the owners of the estate, he was sent back to the farmland where he belongs. Goodluck is not good for Nigeria presidency but his home (farmland) good for their planting and reaping.

There are these other people that must be feared, many of them are political office aspirants, they cunningly swim with you in your sentiment just to get your trust, from there they will cunningly be attempting to make you see white in something coloured black. If you are not careful, your conscience becomes corrupt which might make you a reprobate like them. It is my belief that in Nigeria, people enter politics as a money siphoning carrier, that is why their wife and kids live abroad while they remain here to scrapple for what the Fulani and Britain remain or approve. Nobody prefers a shit hole to paradise, but why are their families in paradise while they romance the shithole. Patriotism should go to blazes.

I see the way people rejoice when evil is having one on good. The same way there was a national celebration when the evil called Buhari ousted Jonathan. I saw how they celebrated when that man who always preached against injustice was unjustly incarcerated, I still remember how they wished he was killed in the python dance. I swear, Nigeria deserves what is worse than Buhari and yes, Jubril is here.

This is not a place you would wish to do good, they hate good. Charly Boy wanted to inspire a revolution no matter how little, he was almost tear gassed to death, the people he was doing it for booed him. In a video I saw, he was chased by some Almajiri mob who are the arch victims of misrule, mismanagement and miseducation.

How can you save people who name streets and monuments after wicked genocidal men? All the killers in Nigerian history have been immortalized not via good deeds or achievements but via infamy. But then, this is Nigeria where evil perpetually defeats good.

Nnamdi Kanu will be deeply disappointed. He thought that these people will actually understand him, but then, as usual, they love evil. They go to religious houses but they breathe iniquity. They believe in miracles more than the good life that good governance under a good system can bring. They don't know that they have despised many that have been sent to liberate them. Some believe that the blood of Jesus can create roads and infrastructure, while others believe that it is OK to be poor here in the name of Allah by following his ordinances only to eventually die and end up with endless sex orgies with spiritual virgins and spiritual private parts. These two conundrums have made Saudi Arabia and the land of Israel wealthier in pilgrimages while we build more mosques and churches. I am not saying it is bad to be religious, what I am saying is that it is bad to use religion as a tool of docility and deceit. The blood of Jesus didn't make America what it is today, at a time, the people said "enough is enough", this has been the harbinger of good change in many developed countries. Most men in Saudi Arabia can afford more than seventy virgins daily because they have the wherewithal, they have made heavens for themselves here.

Truly, I am still watching that philosophy of good defeating evil. IPOB is a good movement, piloted by men of good conscience and integrity. I have never had any reason to be ashamed of myself believing in the organization. I can beat my chest that I have been supporting good for some years now. My eyes are in IPOB. Even if they order us to participate in this presidential election, I will willingly obey. Yes, the pro election group can say "I told you so" but what has that got to do with my goals? What if IPOB negotiates with Atiku and something is written down? Is it not still what MNK is saying about the state elections? I even want us to apply this in all our state elections. I want those who need IPOB to sign some pacts and good agreements before we vote for them.

If there is a total change in strategy, I am totally in. I am not deterred a bit. Nnamdi Kanu is my leader.

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice (TBRV)

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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