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Please I am writing about myself now.  My real self and nothing but myself...  So, help me God.

Please you that know how to speak English. If you like call it boycott or abstinence or run away or default or dodge or whatever lexicon you wish. As long as it means, I won't ink my fingers to abate the madness, oppression, injustices, lopsidedness, bigotry, ethnocentrism and deviltry that beclouds the Nigerian state and created by politicians and their political parties.

This is my personal decision and has nothing to do with any agitations or agitators (all names withheld). Neither is this decision prompted by anyone's instructions, living or dead other than my personal CONVICTIONS.

Just like I have muscled out reasons to vote in previous years, I have also established my own reasons this time to exercise my RIGHT of NOT VOTING.

~ The SYSTEM is flawed. Needless coming out every four years of my life to do tumbom tumbom with my Destiny. Gambling with options created by criminals. Who bestow sainthood on themselves when they need my vote.

~ To vote or not, is my right. And I have chosen the one that satisfies me.  I will not vote for the reasons of political CORRECTNESS then turn around and blame the world that they rigged me out and the caliphate installed their stooge. Then continue in your madness, I am done.

~ Those of you citing that UN will come and liberate you and they will parley with the politicians. Ojukwu was in the political main stream and yet UN didn't cloth him in the 67-70 war. But a cobbler that burnt himself on the street of Algeria changed the Destiny of the entire North Africa and the Arab world. My single vote is that difference and I won't cast it arbitrarily.

~ Qdikwa Egwu how some of you sleep on the beds of shame, after you asked for RESTRUCTURE or DISMEMBERMENT and Nigeria never listened to any of the two. Your brothers were killed for it. Then your pills of idiocy tell you that it's the cards called PVC that the predators gave you that will unseat them. The Spirit of those who listened to your initial positions and they died of it, have nothing to hunt but you.

~ I am an Igbo Man. The current see-saw is UNBALANCED against me. I have no equilibrium to the centre. I should get 1/6th of Nigeria but it is; 15/109 senators, 5/36 states, 43/360 House of reps, 95 LGAs (vetoed by just Kano, Katsina and Sokoto = 100). What majority will you ever achieve to pass any useful decision. So continually electing people to go to Abuja and be spun around like goats is what I am no more part of.

~ I need not plant my trouble to tackle it. I advocated for a youthful government and if the front-line candidates with an average age of 80 is what you call youths, then woo unto you all.

~ I will not continue voting in a country that a single man is above the constitution. Where I have no powers to the man I stained my fingers with ink for. Where a senate is powerless, the reps are useless, the ministers are noise makers, the youths are jobless and lazy, 180 million people are fantastically corrupt of which over 40 million are mad. I can't go to polls with such data.

~ I have gotten to a point in my life now that I can't be blaming Nnamdi Azikiwe for his mistakes and then be doing the same Shit and expect a DIFFERENT result. The coming of Buhari was timely and was needed to expose to the abysmal how useless the Nigerian constitution is. It's needless arguing with anyone who thinks voting is an exercise like playing on sand. I have no arguments with you all. This is my personal decision, if 1+1=7 for you, then it's correct. Keep your results.

~ What result am I expecting from an unfair umpire. Yes, the collation officer is not the electoral Boss. But football makes you understand that even the linesman affects decisions and the 4th official now is relevant through VAR. If they say some offices of INEC are useless. Then relinquish them.

~ I have no cogent difference between the excuses that removed Jonathan, the Nigerian military coups and the excuse to remove Muhammadu Buhari. It's always, we vote in a Saint and vote out a devil. Time to sort out what leads to that TRANSFIGURATION. NO more procrastination and postponing the evil days. I refuse to transfer these evils to the next generation. We all die here or sort it out once and for all.

~ Remember, they need my vote and my participation to cement their crime. If you and I, massively NOT VOTING makes no sense. Then you and I massively voting will make no sense either. If you think my abstinence is a vote for your opposition, then flush your Brain Or the system!


All the
(1) Okachamaras,
(2) Ndi one Nigeria
(3) Efulefus,
(4) Ndi ùchú,
(5) Ndi only PVC vs APC,
(6) Ndi keypad activist
(7) Belle first voters
(8) Sabi pass IPOB and every other group
(9) Ndi see as we de do am for Kafanchan and
(10) Friends of my enemies!

Written by:
Bishops Edwin

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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