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When you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, it is nothing less than madness at work. I had an encounter with a man who believes in the slogan "Igbo hate themselves” one evening and after sharing with him the problems of Nigeria and why it seems that Igbo hate themselves and his narrative changed. Well with God's help that mindset was changed and I hope to reach others with this simple message in this write up.

From my experience with those I have seen clamouring for APC, PDP, other political parties, restructuring and the "Igbos hate themselves" group. I have found one common thing among them - ignorance. Some are innocently ignorant, others chose to be. You cannot tell me Biafra would not be better than Nigeria when you don't even know what is wrong with Nigeria. You need to understand Nigeria better before thinking you can offer solutions to help her. And I can tell you the day you understand the origin of our problem here, that day you will find yourself supporting IPOB AND ELECTION BOYCOTT.

Nigeria has no problem. Not in the real sense of what it is supposed to be. In fact, Nigeria is working perfectly as intended. You may be shocked to hear that. Before you can say Nigeria has a problem you have to understand what Nigeria was supposed to accomplish. In fact, if Nigeria has any problem it is as it is popularly said "The Igbos are Nigeria's problem" it sounds odd and out of point but if you hang on little you will discover why that is correct and true.

IGBOS are Nigeria's PROBLEM
For us to determine if this is true we have to analyse and understand what Nigeria was supposed to be and what is stopping it from being that. Let's begin from the creation and creators. The British created Nigeria for what? (important question that must not be wished away) My answer: To control the resources (BIAFRA OIL AND GAS) and include Nigeria as one of her major sources of funds/finance. The British handed Nigeria over to the Fulani (remember the north said they were not ready for independence in 1854-1956, when they were ready everything was handed over to them), why?

Answer: To help manage and control the British company for the owners. Is the Fulani doing a wonderful job? Yes, in fact the Fulani has proposed a more permanent option for Britain. The idea is simple, allow us make Nigeria an Islamic state which will report and receive orders from the caliphate. This program will see to it that nobody can challenge the authority of the caliphate or try to protest against the British oil enterprise.

Let us continue, the Yoruba are supposed to be co-manager without much involvement. That arrangement is just to get their cooperation against the Igbo which they are playing very well. They also have Monarchy system. Everybody receives other from one individual. The Yoruba is supposed to be fairly treated, he is not supposed to rule but he is not to be given a second-class citizen treatment. Is the Yoruba playing his part as the script writer the Britons desired it? Answer is Yes.

The problem, the Igbo, these group of people are known to challenge authorities if given the chance. These people do not fear death where the fight is inevitable. Thus, they are known to revolt against their masters even as slaves. These group must never rule Nigeria, who knows what havoc they may cause for the Britons, these group must never be free or be given enough lest they become Oliver twist and want some more. These people must be second class citizens and they must accept it or die.

The question now is, are the Igbos playing the script given to them to keep Nigeria working? No, they are not. They want to rule Nigeria, they want to be managers, they want to be first class citizens. They want equity, justice, fairness, they desire meritocracy, Is that in the script? No.

Conclusively the Nigeria that was design to grow British economy is failing because the Igbo have decided not to play their part? Can I not say Igbos are Nigeria's problem? Yes, I can say that and other parties in Nigeria believe that too. If only the Igbos can just be doing their business, buying and selling. Serving the caliphate as written in the script, Nigeria won't have problems. This is the mindset of most Nigerians when they tell you Igbos are Nigeria's problem. You must understand this.

Now that we have accepted that Igbos are Nigeria's problem. We can now tell what the solution to this problem should be. It is not so easy to do as it is said. it's either Igbos are conquered once and for all or they go. But the issue of letting them go is not favourable because the British Colonized oil is in their land (Biafra land). An attempt has been made previously to end the trouble with Nigeria between 1967-1970. It didn't end successfully.  Renewed plans are made today for a more successful tackling and humbling of the Igbos. The mistakes of the caliphate have been identified and corrected.

·        The caliphate didn't have enough Igbo saboteurs then, today they have Ohanaeze, five leprous fingers (Governors of the Eastern States) and some gullible youths who are ready to sell their future.

·        In the previous attacks, they had no stand by army within the enemy's territory, today they own and control all Barracks in the East. (Some miscreants will be shouting let's go to war without realising that their land is now an occupied territory.

·        Today they have misinformed and lazy youths who are not reading or doing investigative journalism. The youths just speculate and allege; hence you find some Igbos fight for Fulani instead of fight for their collective interest. Men hunting rats while their houses are on fire.

But all thanks to God Almighty who send his servant Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He is the only leader that the British Fulani caliphate did not plan for. They never expected the Igbo could receive life again and make a comeback for their freedom. The rate at which the people have risen and reunited have left them greatly confused. The Igbo have once again proved that they are the Igbos; the True problem of Nigeria, the judgement of Britain. An awaiting punishment. We have started this agitation following laid down principles that never failed. In addition, and above all personality, the creator of the Heaven and the earth, the Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama is with us.

All Biafrans and especially Ndi Igbo who are both the champions and saboteurs of the Biafra Restoration projects ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra should boycott all Nigerian elections as a matter of right and the only option left in the now. Election Boycott is a fundamental right of the people to express their dissatisfaction with a system. The problem with Nigeria is the Igbos but we must also see that we are the only reason why Nigeria exist. We have and own what keeps Nigeria going - oil. Yea! we are the trouble but they won't let us go either. Therefore, arise today. Take up your PVC on 16th February place it under your table look it as meaningless and useless, order your share of the Ofe Okazi, for that is your own Passover meal. Freedom is not given it is taken. One love my people.


Written by:
Opibiafra Eziokwubundu
(TBRV Reporter)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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