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"We are on the right path" several times have I made this statement and several times have I been proved right. We are ordained to get Biafra, we have packages for her actualization, a fool criticizes what he doesn't understand.

Severally we have also promised disgrace to those who have relinquished and have decided to be against us for meagre gains from the politicians or political processes, in manifolds have they naturally received what is due to them, which is the disgrace we promised.

What has kept us this far is uprightness and steadfastness, you see, Nigerians want us to accept that black is white and never changing to black, this is against nature, so in essence, they always fail.

While MNK was absent for almost a year, we never gave up, what gave us oxygen was truth and the wickedness in Nigeria, no one who loves justice and equity who wouldn't love and cherish what we do here. What spurs us is her unworkability which comes naturally and not by sabotage. The feudal constitution, the unitary structure and the docility of the populace kept things the same and also kept us in the fronts. We never spared anything, we said them as they were.

How those who betrayed us fell from grace was epic, their attitude when MNK resurfaced was even more epic, confusion galore. Most of these people have become as irrelevant as letter "X" in XYLOPHONE. If you are a core IPOB member or supporter, all you need do is obey simple commands, if we die, we die together but if we win, we win together, all in one unity of purpose. We don't have a country yet, what we have is a freedom movement which requires a 100% compliance to orders. Nothing happens in the IPOB that is the sole decision from MNK, people deliberate on issues before orders are dished out. When we have our own country, it will be different, that is when decisions will be by votes.

You can't disobey the orders of the IPOB and still flaunt MNK as your idol, this is a contradiction no matter how you try to use English language to change it. If you say you are for MNK but go out to vote, you lie big time, you are not confused, you have never just been for the struggle under IPOB, maybe you were busy enjoying the follower-ship of Biafrans on your wall but when shit hit the fan, your persona actually came out.

I am not among those who will attack you for your personal God given right and stand, I still respect your decision, but I have learnt not to ever take you seriously in this life especially when it involves Biafra and MNK. Whenever you write, all I see is drama, your words hold no trace of integrity in my eyes, in fact I will rather see the late Buhari as a man of more integrity than you. I can only enjoy you more here when you post jokes or gossips than anything that has to do with Biafra or MNK.

REMEMBER, all we need is a 100 people. Are you one?

We will have a wonderful year with many packages.

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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