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There is a group of people I don't really understand very well. They are these proponents of restructuring and I want to ask some vital questions as I also speak to clarify about some misconceptions.

Restructuring is good, no doubt. And restructuring Nigeria sounds great too, but my questions are:

1)  Which country are they advocating to be restructured?

2)  Is it the expired country (Nigeria) that they are advocating to be restructured, or what?

3)  Are they not aware that Nigeria has expired since 2014?

4)  How can you restructure something that does not exist? Can you build something on nothing?  No.

First things first!

Something has to be done first if anything like restructuring can take place.

First, we ALL must agree that Nigeria has expired.

Two, the people must FREELY and WILLINGLY agree that they want to come together again and continue.

Three, after willingly agreeing to continue, the terms and conditions upon which to continue the NEW union (The New Country, with whatever name they choose, or even the old one), MUST BE WRITTEN DOWN in black and white, and signed and ratified by the PEOPLE, before it becomes legal and binding.

That is where the term, restructuring can come in, or be used, else restructuring cannot happen in the current illegality called Nigeria. Whatever anyone does in this current status of Nigeria is illegal by law.

Do not forget, Nigeria was created by Lugard to exist, to be experimented for only 100 years with a caveat that if it worked, the people could come together and renew it and continue, but if it didn't work, any of the entrapped nations that choose to exit the union is free to exit. All of these are contained in the same document that created Nigeria.

Now, starting from 1914 to 2014 is equal to 100 years.

The questions now are:

Did Nigeria work? Emphatically No.

Has it been renewed?  No.

Has the Sovereign National Conference been convoked for the renewal to take place by the people's participation? No.

The only type of restructuring that can meet up this renewal envisaged by the document that created Nigeria is through convocation of a sovereign national conference where all the entrapped nations would be fully and willingly involved. In the conference, the people will voluntarily agree or disagree to continue on terms and conditions acceptable to them. Where the terms of the unity are acceptable to them, they will sign to belong. If the terms and conditions are not acceptable to them, then they must be allowed to exit peacefully, without problem or hindrance.

This type of restructuring is not constitutional amendment or the type that can be done by the so-called National Assembly.

It cannot be done by any political party in power, or even by the party leader, whether in, or out of power. It is done by the people.

And you ask:  has it been done? Emphatically No. So, what do you want to be restructured in/about Nigeria? Absolutely nothing.

Why have they refused to convoke a sovereign national conference and forcing everybody to remain in Nigeria, by all means, dead, or alive?

Why have they chosen to be running the illegal country than doing the right things?

What are their fears even after the country is no more, following that its experimental period of 100 years is over?

You know what, these people have gone to schools, acquired so many degrees, travelled to many countries in the world, very good in analysis, experts in many walks of life, but whenever it comes to Nigeria issues and its illegality, they lack the insight and common ability to handle it, or say things as they are that can bring good dividends to the people.

Nigeria is really evil, making her best brains unnecessarily handicapped, and at some point, moribund.

Well and good, the great Biafrans have chosen to exit this unworkable union, the country that has killed her people in millions, destroyed the talents of her people, rendered her people jobless and their culture useless.

Biafra restoration is a done deal.


Written by:
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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