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Election, through voting, is primarily meant to choose the best from the rest, to represent the people in any of the elective posts, be it in the federal, state or local government level.

It is the stringent application or adherence to this principle that symbolizes or signifies that power truly belongs to the people.

A good government will ensure that power really belongs to the people by allowing them to benefit from their God given rights, through exercising their franchise, by voting their voluntary choice.

But in this damnable fraudulently concocted contraption and criminal enterprise called Nigeria, the reverse is the case. The gangsters and bandits (who hold forth for the barbaric caliphate, (called government), who are in turn holding brief for the owners of Nigeria, the exploitative, parasitic, sadistic, and predatory Britain, will never allow any free and fair election to take place.

It is within the rights of the electorate to cast their votes for any candidate of their choice, or retain it if there is none that is worthy of their votes. There is no law on earth against any individual or group of individuals boycotting election.

We find it laughable when we hear from some supposed learned people making statements such as: -
Boycott 2019 election and cripple your future.
Election boycott is against the law, and we will not tolerate it again in the South east.
If you boycott 2019 election, you will not get the presidency in 2023.
If you boycott election you will keep Buhari in Aso-rock beyond 2019 etc.

It pains our heart to hear these fallacies and disguised threats and cheap blackmail coming from the supposed learned people, some of them Almajiris, some Biafra Almajiris, and some, scavengerous Biafrans. 

The questions that need an urgent answer are as follows: -
What have we benefited from many years of voting?

How could election boycott cripple one's future?

Who cares about who rules the zoo called Nigeria even in 2023?

 And where is it in the criminal forgery called the constitution that election boycott is an offence known to law, and who wrote such constitution and when?

The fact is that these people are sell outs, political scavengers seeking to use 2019 election as a prelude to renewing their contracts in Abuja at the expense of Biafra freedom.

In every electioneering year, they keep making the same rash promises, such as Second Niger bridge, Ogoni clean up, and river Niger dredging.

All these promises vanish with the conclusion of the polling exercise, since nothing will be heard about them again until the next mass scam season, (which they call electioneering campaign period).

All these political robbers will do everything humanly possible to please their slave masters including bringing operation python dance IV to intimidate Biafrans into voting, but let them better be informed that there is no amount of intimidation, harassment and killings that will ever deter us in our resolve to boycott the mischief and deceit called election in Nigeria

Election boycott remains the only civilised and acceptable way of bringing these political bandits to their knees. In a total election boycott, you recall those political rogues to their constituencies. This is the sole reason why they are not comfortable with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB ideology because they ever want to continue their looting perpetually.

This is why the likes of Nnia Nwodo and his fellow caliphate errand boys will never support the Biafra struggle. Their stomach is more important to them than the Biafra freedom, but they fail to understand that this present generation of Biafrans is fanatical about Biafra freedom.
They will never allow any politician to trade the future of our children off with political portfolios and consolatory appointments and compensationary contract awards. We will exercise our right to the fullest in making sure that Biafra is restored, and in this quest is the integral and inalienable right to participate in, or boycott whatever we choose to boycott.

Therefore, from the above analysis, it is very clear that the agents of destruction, who call themselves politicians, are only mindful and interested in capitalizing on the ignorance and extreme poverty, to which they have condemned /subjected the people, to prey on them, by causing the helpless populace to revalidate, renew, and extend their servitude and enslavement by cajoling them to participate in the sham, the scam, the illegality, and the fraud called election.

It has equally been seen that the people retain the right to refuse to submit and endorse themselves as slaves by boycotting the criminality known as election in Nigeria.
This is precisely what the Biafrans have DECIDED to do.

Emphatically, we want to remind every Biafran to remain resolute and formidable as we boycott the charade called election in the damnable evil forest called Nigeria, in the coming months, which will automatically mark the end of the zoo called Nigeria.
We also want to advice the good people of middle belt and South West to do the same as this is the only option left for us to be free from this God forsaken vicious experiment and British business enterprise called Nigeria.

As we continue to celebrate the new year don’t forget to take this gospel of election boycott to our rural villages, townhall meetings and our families. Convince them of the need to boycott every Nigeria election from henceforth and what they stand to benefit from the boycott. (BIAFRA IS HERE)

Remember the Biafra referendum and election boycott evangelism days to keep them holy.
(The 11th commandment).

Udo dịrị ụnụ, ụmụ Chineke.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
God bless Ipob worldwide
God bless Biafra the land of the rising Sun


Written by:
Eze Joe
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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