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It beats my imagination that supposedly sound minds ignorantly abscond themselves from the whole lots of relevant issues plaguing the Nigerian society, but focused more on IPOB's stance on election boycott ahead of the 2019 Presidential elections.

Funnily enough, in their closet, they admit to the sad reality that Nigeria is irredeemable unworkable, and headed to Golgotha. But openly, just like Judas, they become tigers hunting down on the innocent people who have chosen to stay apolitical, tenaciously pursuing an escape route from the dungeon called Nigeria.

In all this, here's what gets me worried about the supposed sound minds in moving the unworkable Nigerian entity forward.

These people are quick to cast aspersions on IPOB, they have demonised, castigated IPOB for choosing a path they find odd or strange. To them, why should IPOB boycott the election, presidential election for that matter? To their Shame, these intellectually epileptic folks are yet to ask salient questions on how voting will address the dire need of the people, which in this article I perfectly raised some of the issues:

1. The INEC boss remains the same that rigged elections in Edo, Ekiti, Osun and Ondo. They are silent!

2. INEC has qualified foreigners from Chad and Niger to vote in the next month's election which is already geared towards rigging the election in favour of the APC. They are silent!

3. INEC appointed Buhari's niece as the Collation Officer. They are still silent!

4. Buhari- Jubril has vehemently refused to sign the New Electoral Act. Silence!

5. Why has the Police IG not retired after the expiration of his service? No outrage!

6. All the Security Chiefs that helped APC to steal votes in all the elections conducted under this criminal regime are still serving. No issues!

Yet neither PDP or Atiku has done nothing to change any of these... but these set of deluded savages deems IPOB as their problem for choosing to boycott an election that is nothing but a shame to democracy. In their naive minds, it is all about using your PVC to cast vote, then emerges as a winner. How shallow minded!

It is also on record that prior to the 2015 general elections, IPOB sounded out against the monster presented to Nigerians as a saint. None heeded to IPOB, today they want a terrorist which has neither picked up arms or killed anyone to help vote out the monstrous APC party. It will be morally right if you channel that energy used in criticising IPOB to ask the occupational government of Nigeria why they should proscribe a peaceful and armless People a terrorist group? This will be morally justified if people had channelled their energy to that direction. I ask, where on earth does terrorists vote? Where?

To validate the fact that despite the hand writing on the wall about the murderous and disastrous activities and lifestyle of Muhammadu Buhari in the past, Nigerians embraced him as the man/messiah to move her country forward. But truth is, it wasn't about moving the country forward, but solely to grab power from the performing GEJ back to the north. For them, why should a southerner be President? Atiku was part of those who engineered the downfall of GEJ despite knowing fully well that Buhari has been and is and colossal failure. Today, same Atiku despite proven to be among the architect of your problems is conferred with the mandate to rescue Nigeria. How funny!

The docility and stupidity of Nigerians ensured the successful transition of power back into the hands of same caliphate hell that bent on using terror, intimidation, as tools to subjugate every region.

One begins to think if Nigerians are under spell, or this is a result of the poorly structured educational system in the country? It's unimaginable too that those pointing accusing fingers on IPOB has learned nothing and are about to repeat same mistakes of 2015.

Sadly, Atiku Abubakar presented as the messiah has played and dwindled his way through the minds of docile Nigerians. Unfortunately, none have asked these questions below:

1. Would Atiku who staged a walk out with his Fulani brothers during the 2014 confab conference be the one Nigerians expect to miraculously "Restructure" the country?

2. Have Nigerians bothered to ask Olusegun Obasanjo what he knows about Atiku and why he refused to hand power over to him?

3. Why can't Atiku despite boasting he has no criminal case pay a visit to America which will quench all allegations against him?

4. Would same Atiku that is presented now as a democrat who also threatened violence in 2011 when APC gave the Presidential mandate of the party to Buhari overnight become holy like Angel Uriel?

5. Why Is Atiku silent about the herdsmen killings?

6. Have Nigerians actually enquired about the type of restructuring Atiku promised?

7. As a Patron to the Miyetti Allah's cattle rearers association, how can he curb their excesses?

None have asked these questions in this crucial time.

But the utmost concern of Nigerians is to rush to vote. Just vote! If this is not insanity, nothing else is.

Fact is, Nigerians has been conquered physically, spiritually and mentally by the Fulani oligarchy. Thankfully, only IPOB is standing tall amidst this systematic enslavement.

I hope for once Nigerians can put on their thinking cap.

Nigeria needs a revolution, every Nigerian attest to this fact, IPOB is here with that revolution to better your lives, ironically, same people see IPOB as their enemy.

The only power you have is to boycott the forth coming election, bring the country to a standstill, demand what you want and watch that CHANGE happen. Voting same set of hardened criminals congregating themselves under one party or the other can only prolong your sufferings. The politicians are there to loot.... and careless about the masses. After the (S) election charade called election next month, it is "To Your Tents O' Israel" for the next 4 years.

The forth coming sham called election is for the common man to assembly, join IPOB to boycott the election, because this presents you a peaceful revolution geared towards demanding for your rights.

IPOB is that light you need.

May common sense prevail!

Written by:
Henry Igwe Ogbudimkpa
(TBRV Writer /Reporter)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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