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"When they say your hands are useless. They mean you are useless. When they say Ebonyi state is Useless. They mean Igbos are useless. Don't entertain that"

We should understand the implications of things. Some of us are used to promoting posts and talking about particular States as evil, but we fail to understand that states are artificial creation and cannot determine who you are. We have come to that point where we cannot take that assertion again.

Personally, when I hear someone talk negatively about Igbo or Biafra. I go out of my way to defend Biafra. I convince everyone intently with high intensity. I hate hearing myopia statement that doesn't even have proofs. They are just untrue social media views and allegations against Igbos and Biafra.

A friend tells me how divided Igbos are. I listened carefully, and mid-way the discussion I found out he is alive because of Igbo's love for each other. He is a testimony of love we have for ourselves.

According to him, in one of the many riots in the North, the Hausa/Fulani were killing Igbos as usual, it happened that his house was close to a Fulani dominated community and the Fulani group were marching close to his house…

The men among the Igbos with them had just kitchen knives and sticks. Of what use is that against the angry Fulani carrying guns and machetes mostly. If you have lived in the North you will understand better. My friend, his neighbours and the families were already saying their last prayers.

Then the unthinkable happened, a group of Igbos from the other side of the town emerged from nowhere, they had no guns, no knifes just sticks with a gun which my friend said he is sure didn't have bullets. They didn't come with weapons they came with love and sacrifice, they are not searching for people who will pay them to be protected. They were looking and searching for their brothers.

My friend did not tell me he saw Abia Igbos looking for Abia indigenes. No!! not Enugu or Anambra groups. What my friend told me was he saw an Igbo group looking for Igbos. They were ready to sacrifice themselves. That's love. That's who we are that's our attitude and fate.

It was then my friend and families started shouting, we are Igbos!!! We are here. They were saved by Igbo group that they knew not, a group that didn't know them. The only relationship was that "They are all Igbos".

Now, that is the unity I love. That is the truth about Biafrans. We have risen to correct the wrong narrative of Yoruba Journalists about Biafrans.

A little of history reveals that there is no such thing as Abia people, Anambra or any other state of the old Eastern region. These states were created after the war and do not represent any tribe or town. If you do a little analysis on these states you will find out it ends up with Igbos.

In 1967, Gowon divided the East in to east central state and the South-South of today Rivers, Cross Rivers and Bendel states. That's how it started, then in 1976 they divided the East Central state into Imo and Anambra. In 1987 IBB carved out Akwa Ibom from Cross River.

We were managing until 1991 Sani Abacha created Abia and Enugu, later he carved out Ebonyi from Abia and Enugu.

Prior to 1991 all Ebonyi, Enugu, Abia were either IMO or Anambra. Obviously before 1967 both Cross River, east central region and Rivers were one people.

What happened to that reality, what changed between us the people. Suddenly they started selling that we hate each other, we are thieves, criminal and we bought it. Today you see people writing rubbish, "Ebonyi people are lazy, Anambra people do rituals" and coincidentally Ebonyi people are very hardworking and Anambra have billionaires everywhere having hosted the largest market in Africa at a time. I believe these are antagonists explaining away things they cannot fathom about us. My anger remains with the speed at which we bought these propagandas.

It's time we restore the pride of the Biafrans. I have read books on slavery, we were people full of pride. We know our worth and what we can do.  It's time to restore that synergy. Those traits that marvel the world when they hear the tales of Igbo landing. We are back to restore the Black nations. Biafra is the beginning.

In the light of recent events, it is important we start speaking out. Do you have some Igbo experience that showcases love? Tell it. Let's begin to counter the enemy's stories. Remember, we need more public evidence. Your silence is a contribution to the voice of propagandists. Say something. Let us enlighten our people more.

Written by:
Opibiafra Eziokwubundu
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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