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The Fulani worn, but we knew. Some were optimistic, but it is good to try. "Dare to dream" is a philosophy that has severally worked. Many people have achieved today because they have ventured into impossible lanes and have created four lane roads.

There are other optimists too who needed not dare. They have seen the parameters, done some feasibility and found out that the outcome shall be nought. They wailed that the parameters or conditions have large Jaws that squash optimism but their wailing was drowned in the political deluge.

Brothers fought themselves, kinsmen wanted their houses to become ashes via alchemy.

What's the fuss? Most of us actually asked. Is it not because of two brothers in the North that two brothers in the South no longer see eye to eye? Why are we killing ourselves over who will rule us between two Fulani brothers?

I am not given to Clichés but I want us to learn some lessons here.

If we hadn't tried to vote, we could have blamed the rigging on not voting. So, it is good we voted for us to see the futility in that plastic card -- of course it is only good for the banks.

My real problem is this, Nigerians don't learn and Nigerians are cursed with amnesia. You see this bile that everyone is dropping all over the streets, swearing and cursing that plastic called PVC? Let the next four years come and the politicians start sharing money again, you will see these same people making a 360 degree on all their oaths, it is this bad.

People without principles or ideologies, people who just foolishly follow trends on social media without thinking for themselves. What shall always remain constant is political desperadoes and ndị Otimpku and these contractors will always be here to set you back and keep you where you are.

If you like, you learn and join us in IPOB no matter your region, religion or tribe. IPOB have successfully shutdown the entire East via a single command. If other people can key into it, we can achieve great things.

I believe that it is only IPOB that can facilitate the people's revolution that we seek. No sociocultural group can do that, no musician can do that, no actor or actress can either. Atiku can't do that, no politician Can do that, even when you think they want to spark up something, it is always for their own interests.

If you have had any misunderstanding with the IPOB members before, put that down and let us galvanize and be water-tight. That revolution you seek and need is in IPOB. Imagine shutting down everywhere just by a single command as have severally been demonstrated in the East.

However, I still believe that some people have attained that reprobate mind against the IPOB. They would rather die than support anything done by the IPOB, for such people, I can't help you but IPOB will kill you because of hypertension you will have for their sake.

Jubril has set the ball rolling, he has given the ABC on how to retain power as the incumbent. Do you think that the Fulani will relinquish this power to anyone outside their clan after this charade? Think deeper.

Ndi "let's hand it over to God", I guess Jesus appeared in a robe with Allah and forced the USA to rewrite their constitution, I believe they also appeared to disintegrate the Soviet Union. All these countries you have been crossing hot deserts under scotching sun and inclement sees to get to, I also hope that Jesus and Allah appeared and forced them to be habitable.
Such an excuse from lazy docile lots.

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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