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Dear Biafrans and Progressive Nigerians.  I bring you a message of Peace and Goodwill and a call to action.  It is truth and courage that can set us free from the bondages of War and Propaganda.

My name is Colonel Emmanuel Nwobosi. I am 80 years old. I am too old to lie.  I am not afraid to die.  I have told you why we had to try.

The Northern Military Boys that won the Biafra war took power and became the masters in a military oligarchy.  Through genocide, bank robberies, mass rapes, coup and countercoups, election rigging, corruption, stolen oil wells, they rose to unimaginable heights of extreme opulence and decadence in a land of extreme poverty.  Today they strut about in pride, but their crimes remain terrible.  All the military Heads of State, Military Governors, who raped Biafra should be jailed or executed for their crimes, but they were rewarded as Presidents and Statesmen.  That is why Nigeria is decadent because they spread their depraved values across the nation.

That is why I have now given my full support to Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), because they speak the truth that will dismantle Nigeria, which is an unworkable entity.  They are not fighting against us, but fighting to raise the political and revolutionary consciousness of all Igbos, Biafrans, Southern Nigerians and Middle-Beltans, to free themselves from oppression and retrogression.

Before IPOB brought me out of Nigeria I thought they were riff raff on the streets of Nigeria.  When I got to Britain, I came to understand that IPOB was run by top professionals, who finance activities with their own money.  They are in 88 countries of the world, working with the government and parliaments of those countries putting the truth before them instead of the lies and crimes of the Nigerian government.  They have a world-wide Radio and TV network.  Igbos and Biafrans should be proud of the discipline and achievements of these determined young men, who will definitely succeed.  They awed me beyond words, I am so proud.

Even if you are not a Biafran or want to be part of Biafra, recognize that IPOB is a powerful organization at your service.  Southerners, Middle-Beltans and Northern Christians wake up and use IPOB as a powerful battering ram to breakdown Hausa-Fulani strangulation of Nigeria so we can all gain our freedom.  Let us agree on how we share the oil and assets and let us go our separate ways.

As you all go into the Nigerian election, all I can see is a rigged outcome.  This is again the past haunting the present because of Radical Islamism.  The Balewa Government put Awolowo in prison and rigged Akintola to power in Western Nigeria as a stooge of the North, just like Afonja and Tinubu.  Today, the Buhari cabal is slamming opponents into prison and rigging their stooges into power.  In 1964, Ahmadu Bello’s Northern People’s Congress (NPC) Government rigged the elections, despite the massive coalition of progressive forces against them.  The progressives formed the United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA) comprising Awolowo’s Action Group in Western Nigeria, Zik’s NCNC in Eastern Nigeria, Aminu Kano’s NEPU in Northern Nigeria, Joseph Tarka’s UMBC in the Middle-Belt.  It was impossible for Ahmadu Bello’s NPC and Akintola’s NNDP to defeat the UPGA Alliance.  Yet NPC rigged themselves to power.

At first, Nnamdi Azikiwe, as the President, refused to call Tafawa Balewa to form the Government in 1964 because of the massive rigging.  He was surrounded by the Army and capitulated.  That was the first coup in Nigeria.  They planned to remove him and demanded that the army swear allegiance to the Prime Minister.  That was when we struck to stop the madness.

Awolowo had performed very well as Premier of the West and we wanted his socialist policies of free education and free health nationwide.  He was also the actual leader of UPGA as Zik was now the President.  We were determined to spring him from prison to rule the country as Prime Minister.

General Ironsi, the Head of the Army, did not protect Zik or Awo and did not stop Prime Minister Balewa and Premier Bello of the North, from using the army to terrorise the people.  That was why we moved to arrest him but he narrowly escaped and stopped our revolution in the South.

That is why as a group of patriotic, young soldiers we took action to stop the madness.  Nigerians needs courageous people to stand up and stop the rot going on today.  This is why I admire Nnamdi Kanu.  He has inspired me to stand up at my old age and take action by speaking the truth.

Today I call upon the elders of our people, the Igbos, to support our young people as they seek to break away from a decadent Nigeria, to create the Biafra of our dreams, an African Israel and a centre that taps the ingenuity of the Igbo man to build a modern industrial nation, free from a corrupt, decadent Nigeria.

Today, I call upon John Nnia Nwodo and the leaders of Ohaneze.  If you fought in Biafra and say you will not lead us into war again, then know that IPOB is not for war.  IPOB is seeking a referendum for us to decide our future.  I fought for Biafra.  I was wounded for Biafra.  I served Nzeogwu directly; I served Ojukwu directly, so you never suffered more, nor have more experience of war.  Yet I support our young people to fight for their liberation from an unworkable Nigeria in which Igbos shall always face religious massacre and marginalisation.  John Nnia Nwodo, if you were truly a soldier stand up and say enough is enough.  Fear of war is no excuse.

Today, I call upon Southern Nigeria, especially Yoruba and the Middle-Belt people, whom we tried all those years ago, to save from the genocide of the Bello and Balewa Government.  I call upon you to stand up and recognize us for what we did to stop genocide in your region in 1966.  Stand up and demand your freedom.

It is important you all realise that you are facing a stark reality as we faced with the Bello and Balewa Government.  You are facing a Nigerian Government committed to Islamisation by Jihad.  General Danjuma, who made the grave mistake of killing General Ironsi, has finally woken up to acknowledge who is really his enemy.  He has called for the entire South to pick up arms to defend itself.

You can all be assured that a Radical Islamic Government will not allow you to vote them out.  If you try, they will use force.  Like Hamas in Palestine, once they took power democratically, they ruthlessly scrapped democracy with force of arms.  Christians, Southern Nigerians and Middle-Beltans, you have three choices:

1.      Join IPOB in civil disobedience beginning with a massive boycott of the elections.  But do not stop there.  Paralyse the entire nation.  If you are hungry go home to your villages.  Let nothing happen until you force negotiation for referendum and independence and we share the Oil revenues.  If they fire at you, let your young men fire back.  Let the fear stop.  Such a massive civil disobedience will make the world sit up and take interest.  I call upon Afenifere, Ohaneze and the Middle-Belt Unions to act together;

2.      Vote in the election, get rigged out and pick up arms to fight for your freedom.

3.      Submit to the Islamisation agenda and accept you are in an Islamic State permanently;

I fought for Biafra and I will fight again, if not in the war front then in the war planning cabinet.  You should all stop being afraid of their military threats and show of force.  Last time they had the help of Britain and Russia, but now not even Britain will dare to support another genocide.  Russia, America, China and Israel, all want to stop their Radical Islamism without liberal apologies.  Stand up and fight.  If you do not fight back, it will get worse till you completely submit.  Radical Islamism never stops until you are subdued and feel yourself subdued and conquered.  It is commanded in their Holy Book.

I greet you all.  May Chukwu Okike Abiama, the Father in heaven, bless you all.  Iseee, Isee, Isee.

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice (TBRV)

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