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I can't imagine how happy I was few days ago when the news of the long-awaited date of Biafra referendum came to me, I was almost fainted when the news got to me, tears of joy role down my chick as I burst into songs of praises to Chukwu Okike Abiama the supreme creator. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of average Biafrans are longing for this news for quite a long time now, the date is appropriate and well calculated.

For the feeble mind who might be finding it difficult to understand the rationale  behind the timing must be informed that sitting at home and enjoying our Okazi soup on 16th of February 2019 as the murderous government of the federation of Hausa Fulani caliphate are deceiving themselves as they go about their useless presidential election, you may have perfectly casted your vote for Biafra referendum as you boycott the sham called Nigeria election in Biafra land by sitting at home.

Dictionary definition of referendum is:
(1.  A diplomatic agent's note asking for instructions from his government concerning a particular matter or point.
2. The right to approve or reject by popular vote a measure passed upon by a legislature).

So, by sitting at home on 16th of February as we boycott the fraud called presidential election we are rejecting Nigeria and her fraudulent government. We are equally showing the world our readiness to exit the damnable entity called Nigeria.

The world is watching and they are eager to see the outcome of the election, so the ball is on our court either to boycott the election and exit Nigeria peacefully or to go out and vote and remain as a slave to Nigeria. So, we must not misuse this great opportunity which our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu strived very hard to provide before us.

So therefore, emancipate yourselves and your future generation as you boycott the charade called election on 16th February 2019 by sitting at home.

Ø  Are you a graduate looking for job - sit at home and you will get job in the nearest future?
Ø  Are you a worker being owed by the oppressive government for many months - sit at home and your salaries will be paid?
Ø  Every business man and woman who wants a positive change in his/her business must sit at home and every student that wants a better future must boycott the charade called Nigeria presidential election as we collectively effect the long-anticipated change by sitting at home on 16th of February 2019.

Nigeria is a fraud, a country created by British to grow their economy, the royal British company called Nigeria was meant to last only but a hundred years which has long expired since 2014.

Every reasonable person appreciates the fact that i IPOB's call for referendum at this critical time is the most appropriate, therefore we must utilise this opportunity as we observe the SIT AT HOME ORDER on 16th February, enjoy your OKAZI SOUP, you may do well to add ACHARA and I'm assuring you that #BIAFRA is here.

Udo diri unu umu Chineke.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
God bless IPOB worldwide.
God bless Biafra the land of the rising Sun.


Written by:
Eze Joe
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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