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It started like this, we must vote!
We must vote him out!
We must send him back to Daura!
We must send him packing!
Buhari must go...!

No problems at all. We agreed Buhari must go. That was why we chose to boycott the charade called election so that we could remove him by retrieving our authorization (sovereignty), which we lent to him in the form of the electoral mandate.

They said no, that they must vote. They started shouting up and down, go get your PVC, go collect your PVC, we must vote and protect our votes. Our votes must count bla bla bla!

We told them Buhari is a dictator and a tyrant, and that tyrants are not removed by election (PVC), but through a revolution. They said no, that they must vote him out. We warned them several times, severally and collectively that they can't remove him through votes. But they said no, and continued singing, they must vote.

We went ahead and reminded them that since 1999, elections have not counted in the zoo called Nigeria, but they insisted they must vote. We appealed to their conscience, to consider the suffering and hardship their generations unborn will face in Nigeria because of their today's rascal decision, they closed their ears.

They remained adamant and insisted they must vote. We kept lecturing them every day, hoping that they could wake up from their slumber and reason properly, but they refused and said it doesn't matter, and called us many unprintable names, insulted the supreme leader of the great IPOB, and still insisted that they must vote.

We also told them, that by voting, they would only be helping the terroristic and barbaric jihadists, along with their monstrous and impunitious cabal, to legalize the fraud, and atrocious criminality, which the rigging of the election symbolizes. But they said no, we should forget that thing that they must vote.

In thinking aloud, we even said, by way of suggestion, that Atiku was a mole planted in PDP by Fulani caliphate to jeopardize the chance of any southerner clinching that PDP ticket, they overlooked it and didn't think about it. We went ahead to say that it was possible Atiku did not really come to contest that election with hope of winning. We also said that he must have been asked to pick an Igbo man as his running mate, just to divide Biafrans, but they dismissed all these because they were just in a hurry to vote and again validate their suffering and slavery. Unbelievable!

Well, while all the noise against IPOB was going on, IPOB remained focused and steadfast on their decision to boycott the charade called elections in the abominable aberration and British inhumanity called Nigeria, with a caveat to lift the boycott "except they signed their documents", which contained their demands.

Incidentally and expectedly, at the eleventh hour, prior to the election, they signed the document, sealed and delivered them to the supreme leader of the great IPOB, and as a man of his words, the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu lifted the boycott.

Finally, you have voted. Did you vote him out? Did your votes count? If no, why? Why couldn't you vote him out? Why didn't your votes count? What happened? I believe you know better now.

Looking at the events during and after the election, I am happy and thankful to God that Mazi Nnamdi KANU lifted the boycott so that nobody can blame IPOB for their failure and misery.

Now that the presidential election is over and regrets followed as your votes didn't count. Now, count your teeth with your tongue. What next? Were you right or wrong to fight IPOB and disobey the one that saw the coming disaster and working hard to save all of us from this damnable and expired concoction called Nigeria? It's a moment of truth to yourself.

As I conclude, I implore you to remove pride, humble yourself and listen to the rebuke, hastisement, and the stern warning your conscience must be subjecting you to. That is, if your conscience is still alive and sincerely think again. Where did you get it wrong before? Now make it right.

And the good news is that, we have forgiven you all. We are willing to receive you back to the global family of IPOB so that we all can unite again, join our strength together, queue behind the great IPOB and free ourselves and unborn children from this expired and damnable contraption called Nigeria.

God bless you all
God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
God bless the great IPOB worldwide
God bless TBRV

Written by:
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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