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Why Mazi Kanu/ IPOB Directorate Lifted Election Boycott And What Happens To Nigeria If Fail Demands

16th February 2019
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Published On GlobalNewsCity
Editor: Arinze Chiukwu Okoye
Why Mazi Kanu/ IPOB Directorate Lifted Election Boycott And What Happens To Nigeria If Fail Demands

After Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's Lectures and Broadcast on 14th Feb. 2019 about the dead Buhari and the impostor sitting in Aso Rock Abuja Nigeria which is directly taking from an indisputable site:- https://www.gettyimages.com Check picture number 
953303164 .........................impostor
903706668.............................Real Person
530950392............................Real person  
838635816 ..........................Run away impostor

Everywhere round the World catches fire, the Nigerian presidential house Aso Rock started burning immediately and forgot that it's right of the indigenous people to decide on what they want to do.

In recall, ASUU placed a demand and threatened election boycott if their demand is not met, but It was met and they called off the election boycott.

Labour Union made a demand and backed it up with threat to boycott the election if it is not met. It was attended to and they called off the boycott.

We, IPOB, placed demands and threatened a boycott if our demands are not met. Our demands were met and keeping our own side of the bargain, we called off the boycott.  Congratulations IPOB , your demand is sealed, done and dusted.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had taken no bribe from neither FG nor any governmental body before lifting the ban on election boycott. He only considered to lift the ban hence it's appropriate to sit with FG on a round table to dialogue issues regarding Biafra restoration.

As FG, had already sent a message across to the directorate of IPOB, after Nnamdi Kanu shocked the zoo further about the impostor Jubril Al-Sudani in Aso Rock, on his February 14th radio Biafra UK broadcast, using Getty images to analyze issues surrounding the fake pictures peddle by FG to be the real late president Muhammadu Buhari whom has been misleading and damaging the left over country.

Nnamdi Kanu after receiving the urgent response from FG following due consultations from both international and local bodies, stakeholders and the decision from FG to meet the demands of IPOB as presented to FG in 2017 when Nnamdi Kanu left Kuje prison, Kanu and the entire IPOB directorate of states considered it necessary and right to for once, give FG a chance to prove their sincerity hence British stakeholders had already agreed with the terms and conditions given to Nigerian government by IPOB leadership against Biafra restoration.

Therefore I call on all IPOB members to remain steadfast and ever resolute more than before, for The Great Biafra Republic is looking at your face at this hour. IPOB is on the right track for sure.

With that being said, over 91% IPOB members/ Biafrans that are in the old Eastern region don't posses the zoo PVC and as such, can't participate in their election or vote them. It is highly technical and critical to understand IPOB decisions.

Logically as it may have it, IPOB/ Biafrans have made up their entire mind that they are not Nigerians, come rain, come sun and cannot vote in any Nigerian election because they are not one and have realised and come to their senses.

Therefore, FG must fulfill their agreement entered with IPOB or be sanction by UN who also witnessed the agreement and signed, before IPOB leadership called off the election boycott ban and made public.

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