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It is said among our people that "ebe onye bi ka o na awachi" (where one lives is where he builds). This is often the driving force in the heart of every Igbo Biafran that compels him to turn any remote village he steps in, into a mega city with his enterprise. He unbiasedly invests and builds anywhere he finds himself. This, he does with passion and joy because life, to him is about how good and comfortable he lives and helps others live. It is a virtue for every Biafran to live well. And this has always challenged every average Biafran to work hard, no wonder laziness is never attributed to Igbo man. The wealth of an Igbo man is naturally from his sweat and hustle.

Wealth is good but it is best recognised when it gets home. Because, it is volatile and can fickle away and return the owner to his initial low-level position. Our people put forth another adage, "aku ruo ulo amara onye kpara ya" (the wealth should get to the home). The concept of "aku ruo ulo" is one virtue Biafrans are yet to allow sink and adopt in their lives perhaps, because of the former ("ebe onye bi ka o na awachi”) concept that has permeated their veins. There is no doubts it is due to the freeness of Biafrans to take as our homes, anywhere we arrived; and build and develops it, the sages put forth the later adage to help redirect us to our original homes but yet some of us seem not to value the concept. 

There is necessity, Biafrans should as a matter of urgency think home and unite. We have to start thinking home because it is not what we thought that Nigeria is, that it is. Unity should lead in our courses now! When we are in our actions the enemy cannot penetrate us if we are united. Thanks all living in Lagos witnessed the just concluded presidential election why we need to unite. The reason why I am urging all Biafrans to heed the call for a united front is that with it, we will achieve a lot of progress more than we have done in the past. Biafrans living outside the shores of Biafraland should see reason to support this struggle for Biafra independence. The Yorubas have OPC and they do not disparage them in public, rather they employ them in some political and tribal issues. Same with Arewa.

They have not only Hisba police but also militant group, boko haram. Though, they are causing havoc in their land but they are not fought or criticized publicly. They are harboured and paid.  Why then would a sane Biafran think it wise to disparage IPOB who are on genuine course for betterment of our nation and ourselves? We have many groups fighting for Biafra Restoration but only few are genuine while others and some individuals are just there to scuttle the progress made by their own brothers. They know themselves and IPOB know them all. And they will be paid accordingly. These set of people neglect their homes and their people they left behind at home and build mansions off-home. When talking to them about Biafra they see it as mirage and nonsensical. They always pick offense with agitators of Biafra because they would say that they will lose all their investments if Biafra comes. They forgot that no matter what one does in a foreign land, one should think home in case of eventuality.

So, please Biafrans let’s remember that we owe a duty to our mother land, Biafra, because only her restoration shall we have complete joy in our lives as a nation. Remember, “aku ruo ulo amara onye kpara ya".

Written by:
Okpara Louis
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Pete Osinachi
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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