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Since after the civil war, Nigeria has been a property of the North controlled by the caliphate. Other component parts such as South East and South-South have suffered huge marginalization both in infrastructural development and leadership. The North made it in such a way that, it’s impossible to challenge and effect change on the political structure and the constitution without being hunted down unless by revolution. And they have also succeeded in taking over the top security positions in the country so as to kill, dominate and quench any uprising from such.

Unfortunately, when one talks about the glaring marginalization going on against Biafrans, he's shouted down even by some Easterners themselves. Some ignorant ones among them would ask you to hold your governor responsible, as though giant federal projects suffused the North and West which are executed by governors from those regions. And the most annoying is that the money used in executing these projects are proceeds from the Biafra land. The land and water in the oil producing communities are completely destroyed by oil spillage. It will cost not less than 30 billion dollars to clean up Ogoni land and yet the government is doing nothing about it and more spillage is done on daily basis. Agricultural activities are dead in the Niger Delta, as the land is continued to be polluted. No good drinking water, boreholes brings forth polluted water. Water mixed with oil. Fishing which is mostly the predominant natural occupation of the riverine people has died, as oil spillage has destroyed aquatic life.

A look into some federal projects and employment into key positions will suffice to expose how North has arrogantly marginalized the South who lays the golden egg.

• Nigerian Military School Zaria, KADUNA

• Nigerian Army School of Infantry Jaji, KADUNA

• Nigerian Defence Academy KADUNA

• Nigerian Military Training College KADUNA

• National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies JOS

• Training and Doctrine Command Minna, NIGER STATE

• Armed Forces Command and Staff College Jaji, KADUNA

• National Defence College ABUJA

• Air Force Military School JOS

•School of Artillery Kotongora, NIGER STATE

• School of Armour BAUCHI

• Depot of Nigerian Army Zaria, KADUNA

• Air Force Training School Zaria, KADUNA

•Army Signal School LAGOS

•Army Intelligence School LAGOS

•Nigerian Army School of Finance and Administration LAGOS.


North Central N209 Billion
North West. N73.7 Billion.
South West. N48.97 Billion.
North East. N46.69 Billion.
South-South. N35.31 Billion.
South East. N28.22 Billion.

So, it has been for over 50 Years. And injustice and high-tech marginalization continues.

President - North.

Senate President - North

 Speaker House of Reps - North.

Chief of Staff - North.

 SGF - North.

INEC Chairman - North.

Chief Justice of federation - North.

President Court of Appeal - North.

EFCC Chairman - North.

President Federal high court - North.

National Security Adviser - North.

Chief of Army Staff - North.

Chief of Air Staff - North.

Controller, Customs Service - North.

Defence Minister - North.

MD Port Authority - North.

MD NDIC - North

Controller Prison Services - North.

Controller of Immigration - North.

Controller of Fire Service - North.

Highest looter - North.

85% of Petroleum Marketers in Nigeria - Northerners.

95% of Oil Block Owners in Nigeria - Northerners.

Despite all these projects in the North, the government cannot build the second Nigeria bridge that connects East and West but only plays politics with it. The roads in the East has been dead traps. Federal roads have been neglected, while that of the North is in good shape.  They appointed only their own into all the security architecture in the country. All key appointments are only for themselves. Yet they enjoy the status of educationally challenged region. A status that gave them opportunity to go to university with the lowest marks. Yet at employment and appointments, same educationally challenged northerners are considered first. Mediocrity has become the order of the day.

Definitely, we can't continue like this. Peace is not acceptance of injustice and marginalization. If Nigeria can't ride on the back of peace, equity and justice, let it break and allow ethnic nationalities entrapped in her to go their separate ways. Enough of the deceit and marginalization!

The time to match for freedom is now or we all die in pretence and cowardice.

Support Biafra exit from this contraption called Nigeria.

Written by:
Anichebe Udochukwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Pete Osinachi
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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