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The incessant threats of eviction, annihilation and inhuman treatments given to Biafrans living in Lagos and other places in Nigeria should be a thing of concern and worry to every sane mind from Eastern region and beyond.  It is worrisome that no other tribe in Nigeria receives such inhuman treatments. Not that it is justified if other tribes are treated in like manner. No.  I stand to condemn evil no matter who is involved or affected. The treatment is unwholesome.

One great philosopher once said, “time heals all wounds". Time with patience cures every heart-breaking memories. It ameliorates problems and hard decisions. But we have come to discover that as the day goes by, the ordeal of Biafrans in Nigeria since after the war grows worse. From threat of being thrown into lagoon to leaving Lagos or north has become the fate of Biafrans the moment Biafrans want to decide on some national legal discourse. Who did we offend in Nigeria? Why are they conspiring against us? After the war, they declared "No victor no vanquish”, little did the world know it was a prank to cool their nerves while they perpetrate the worst. Worse have been happening. The worst is about to happen. They are congregating. Yorubas are warming up, the north waiting for their (Yoruba) signal to carry out another ethnic cleansing.  The recent happening during the presidential election is a warning signal to all sound Biafrans that we are not Nigerians, we are not part of Nigeria. They could not have stopped us from voting where we registered if we are one with them as they claim in their misleading, antithetical slogan, "one-Nigeria".

It is lugubrious and foolhardy for one to argue that Biafrans deserve the hatred from the Yorubas and Northerners. Biafrans are not in any way competing for or occupying strategic government positions or job to say, that's why they hate us. Our only offence is the spirit of enterprise and intrepidity that drive us.

It is therefore time Biafrans living in Yoruba land and Northern part of Nigeria think home. There is no place like home. No one asks you to leave your investments or auction them and come home but let not all your investment be concentrated there; and stop investing more in another man's land. It is our rich investments in Lagos and North that create the ambition among the greedy Northerners and lazy Yorubas to threaten us with quit notice. Had we no mouth-watering investments in their lands and developed the land for them no one would be threatening the other.

We must think home. Lagos is not a no man's land. It is owned by people.  Biafraland is our land. A man no more welcomed where he sojourned should start thinking home. It is a matter of time; all things settle right when we come home. 

Let's join hand and build our home. Biafra is here waiting for us to embrace her. We cannot be squatting in another man's land and threatened as it pleases them when we have a place we can call our home. Let's think home. Let's think Biafra for our future.

Written by:
Okpara Louis
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Pete Osinachi
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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