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One of the most painful encounters, or drawbacks, or even a wreckage, which a determined and focused fellow, especially, a victim encounters, is when those with whom he is pursuing a game (an animal), or an evil spirit, turn around and say that the person's legs are like that of the game, or that the person is smelling like the evil spirit which is the target of exorcism. This automatically tells you how painful it can be when our leaders who supposed to join their brother in making sure that Biafra is restored quicker are busy swimming in envy and jealousy.

Even though our Supreme Leader, Lord Nnamdi Kanu has declared he is Jewish by religion, and concomitantly working hard daily to win support for Biafra, even among the global Jewish family, and getting tremendous results, he is not unequivocal about the fact "that in Biafra, you are free to choose whatever you want worship, even if you decide to worship cockroach".

It is very apparent that the phenomenal and unprecedented impact that the quest for Biafra by IPOB is making, is clearly asphyxiating Nigeria, and so, the Nigeria government is not sleeping in their quest to end the agitation for Biafra restoration, AT ALL COSTS. To this end, unimaginable, unthinkable, and even unbelievable efforts are being made to stop the agitation, including, but not limited to using the in-house enemies to achieve their goal.

Do not forget that the War Criminal and genocidist named Yakubu Gowon, once lamented that had he known the extent to which Biafrans are in love with money, he would not have spent any money on arms and ammunition to fight Biafra. He said that he would just have taken about half of that money and given a few Biafrans, and they would have successfully fought our hero and legend, Ojukwu, from within.

In addition to putting into effect this mischievous, misleading, and derogatory principle of Gowon's, the Nigeria government spends millions, if not billions of dollars, in lobbying various governments of the world, the United Nations, and other world recognized organizations and bodies to reject and stand against the Biafra case when presented. It is required of every one of us to use all we have got to get Biafra restored, instead of bickering among ourselves, especially descending to the pitiable and pathetic level of being jealous, insultive, and envious of our Supreme Leader, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Instead of busying ourselves with derogatory remarks and hurtful envy about our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and the great IPOB, why not get busy with utilizing own connections to reach out to many world organizations and ensure that Biafra and Biafranism is not only ingrained in them, but equally inculcated in them.

There are three prominent religious groups in the world today, namely, Judaism, Christianity, and Islamism. If Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is taking the agitation to the Jewish world, and we know how connected they are with the American government, the European Union and some other governments of the world, what stops you, as a Christian, from taking our case to world Anglican Bishops, world Catholic Bishops, the Vatican or the world Pentecostal body? If you can get the Muslim, nay, the Arab world to support Biafra, do you think it will be a credit, or a discredit, and will you be stopped?

It should be a concerted, joint, and general effort, not leaving it to an individual, and then turn around to blame, castigate, criticize, insult, malign, denigrate, and try rubbishing the dedicated and devoted inputs, moves and even sacrifice made by others.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is very proud of his identity and so he carries his identity as a Biafran to anywhere he goes. Even while in the enemies’ net, (by way of illegal incarceration), in the toxic cauldron and British graveyard called Nigeria, he used to come to court with Biafra paraphernalia, which he proudly and fearlessly displayed and hung everywhere, including, but not limited to his house, to the consternation, stupefaction, and bewilderment Biafrans, friends, as well as foes alike.

This is in clear contrast with the creek pipeline vandal, the coastal kidnapper, the riverine abductor, the Fulani scavenger, and the miserable, treacherous, vacuous, loquacious tout, who has never displayed the Biafran flag either in his privacy, or in the public, nor he has ever held a rally for Biafra before. Let nobody distract our Supreme Leader, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, so that he can concentrate on his noble, sacred, and divine mission of restoring our dear nation, Biafra.

It also appears that some of these detractors, who appear as distraction, relish in mocking the dead.
This is because, though we have lost many of our comrades fighting for Biafra, who died in the active service of the pursuit for the restoration of Biafra,  who did not die stealing oil from the pipeline, nor did they die  kidnapping oil workers, nor while contending for control or overlordship of certain geographical area for nefarious activities, some of these moles planted by the gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock seem not to take cognizance of the supreme sacrifice they made, in the flippant and frivolous use of their leaking toadyish mouths.

Upon the fact that the Sahara desert expansionists and jihadists have murdered countless number of people in our various coastal communities, that oil pollution has killed our people, there's an unimaginable and unbearable level of poverty in the land where the oil is exploited from, our fishes die because of oil spillage, we drink and bath in the same water where they defecate, the oil fields are owned and controlled by the terroristic northern enemies, while those who own the land wallow and languish in poverty, these NOISOME ELEMENTS have not, for once, made any Press release, nor shot any video, to convey our misery, wretchedness, high mortality rate, nor abandonment to the world. They can only be seen, living large.

When they had guns and lived at the creeks they never mentioned Biafra as their reason for causing unrest in the Niger Delta. It is now that it has become glaring that they were mere armed pirates and gangs, who just carried out robbery raids, to sustain their personal ostentation and extravagance.
If one may ask, probably out of curiosity, what has freedom project got to do with owning properties abroad? Is this not enough to confirm that those scavengers, who shout freedom in day time, and ambush at night, are really the secret undertakers? It is on very obvious that they collected money from the oppressor and even got contracts from the government to facilitate and enhance oppressing their people, while shedding crocodile tears before the people. How can anybody be doing business that is worth tens of millions of dollars with the same government that the person claims to be fighting?

Our Supreme Leader, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been very consistent in his demand. He started with Biafra abroad, and came home still speaking Biafra. He did not, does not, and has never spoken resource control, Igbo republic, and Biafra alternately, nor concurrently. He opposed and rejected an only Igbo republic of the five eastern states because of Ọ NỤRỤ UBE NWANNE AGBALA ỌSỌ. He insists on the fact that we must all leave the evil forest, the fraudulently concocted contraption, the abominable aberration, the British inhumanity and absurdity called Nigeria together, to decide our fate.

We therefore call on all good people of Biafra from the riverine to the hinterland to the heartland of Igbo land to join hands together to get our land back from the vandals. If any person is a warlord, let him get up and win your peoples freedom. Biafrans are not known for cowardice, our men are not gossipers. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu won the heart and trust of millions of Biafrans globally because of his conscientiousness, consistency, commitment, and dedication. Even his haters and critics acknowledge that much. So, trying to envy and defame him can only promote his sincerity and genuineness to the struggle and then make him become more popular.

When you observe a need, please, compel yourself to meet the Need, not meandering from one feudal master to the other, picking crumbs and leftovers, or possibly scavenging upon the carcasses of your own kinsmen.

Written by:
Aguocha Chinwendum
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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