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Nigeria is a synonym for abuse, it was created by the abusive Britain via the abusive Lugard. Nigeria is a country of recession and depression. She can glorify nothing but villains. Their streets are christened with villains. If you believe in the spiritual efficacy of names, then you should understand why here is the place of skulls.

What is good in a place that has a street named "Ahmadu Bello way"? Why shouldn't an airport named "Murtala Mohammed" not have licking roofs? Why should that airport have electricity? Canonized villains everywhere. Glorification of absurdity, entrenchment of mediocrity, exaltation of evil, brooding of vipers, exploitation of the weak and edification of genocide.

Nigeria is a mortal sin that has no reparation, the more the name is mentioned the more sundry spirits are irked. There are millions of restless souls seeking justice. What do you think is that Aso Rock demon? Do you think Reuben Abati was yapping absent sense? Ruben once lived and dinned there with his family and testified of the conglomerate of spirits which makes presidents behave like Jubril.

Nigeria has her heroes whom history treats as villains. We know our heroes and they all have faces. Our heroes are not only men of the east but men who are heroes.

Effiong has a face. Effiong didn't want Ojukwu to be captured because he still had hope even in the face of defeat. He saw Ojukwu as the oxygen of Biafra and decided to stay back instead. What sort of a man is that?

Achuzie has a face, Kalu Ogbogu, Okokon Ndem, Madiebo, Nwawọ, Lt. Col. Banjo the Yoruba Biafran. Wole Soyinka is not a perfect man but he was jailed with Tai Solarin for protesting injustice. Tai has a face so does Wole.

How about engineer Gordon Ezekwe, the great brain behind the Ogbunigwe, the convertible airplanes and fuel refinery and other scientific breakthroughs at that time. This genius has a face.

Fredrick Forsyth resigned from BBC and came to Biafra when he discovered the genocidal intent of Britain. He fruitlessly used the airwaves to speak of the genocide and had to resign. This man has a face.

Bruce Mayrock. Should I say he committed a worthy suicide? Is any suicide actually worthy? But he has a face and he is our hero. He set himself ablaze in front of UN building in US as a protest to end the carnage.

All the millions of Biafran military dead or alive have names and faces and we must never forget. So, we honour them, we canonize them. They are worthy saints, they are the true heroes.

We also know the faces of those who died in all the Eastern states recently, the members of IPOB. You all are heroes like our war legends I mentioned above.

May 30th, the candle shall be lit for you. For the departed, your spirit shall be joyous because nothing gives joy like remembrance and recognition.

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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