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On 30th May, 1968 an American Mr. Bruce Mayrock sacrificed his life by setting himself ablaze in front of UN Headquarters in New York USA to Protest the gruesome Genocide in Biafraland perpetrated by Nigeria State led by Gowon and in alliance with Britain led by Harold Wilson, Egypt, USSR and Jordan. The heinous killings captured the attention of the Global Community. There were protest all over Europe and America against the atrocities and war of extermination of the Igbos by these predators to enable them steal the vast resources in Biafraland especially OIL and GAS without any resistance.

The refusal to join the 30th May, 2019 Biafra Genocide Memorial Sit-at-Home by Igbo politicians especially the Governors and OHANAEZE shows the level of cowardice and blatant slavery and servitude all the Igbo politicians especially Governors and Ohaneze has degenerated in the hands of Fulani Islamic Oligarchy. It also shows the level of high intellectual capacity and astounding audacity Nnamdi Kanu is using to confront Nigeria elephant Goliath who all the big and mighty in Biafraland dare not challenge. Nnamdi Kanu has turned the weakness of Igbo man to strength and turned the shame of Igbo man to pride and prosperity.

This is a global event which will attract the global media and heads of states. What you have today as leaders and politicians in Igboland are mere charlatans and sycophants who must not be trusted or relied upon. Rwanda just remembered the victims of genocide in 1994 which killed 1 million and Osinbanjo VP led a delegation of Nigeria Govt to mark the event.

Israel recently marked the Memorial to remember 6 million Jews that were killed in Europe in 1940s. Then Igbo shameless and sycophantic politicians are working against the 30th May, 2019 Remembrance Memorials for over 6 Million Biafrans killed in the Genocide perpetrated by Nigeria State led by Gowon in Conspiracy with Britain led by Harold Wilson PM between 1967-1970. This attitude of Igbo politicians is not just criminal but abominable and high treachery which must be punished at fullness of time.

The illegal occupation and annexation of Biafraland by Nigeria State since 1970 without a REFERENDUM is a clear and gross violations of International Laws. These Fulani Islamic Caliphate slaves masquerading as Igbo leaders must be ostracized and banished in Igboland forever. They are not worthy to exist since the victims died for all other survivors of Igbo extraction to live. It is the most brutal betrayal, unforgivable, unconsolable and irredeemable.

Buhari and Obasanjo and Gowon are the architects of Nigeria genocidal savagery and must be made to face justice at the ICC. The recent spiritual attack on Gowon where he fainted in Delta State is a clear warning of what will happen soon against the perpetrators of Igbo holocaust.

It must be noted by all Biafrans home and abroad that anybody who refuses or ignores to mourn and observe the 30th May, 2019 Biafra Genocide Memorial Sit-at-Home order will be committing crimes against humanity and treachery.

Written by:
Barry Clinton
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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