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The victims of the British inhumanity and graveyard, (who are actually the unfortunate victims) of Nigeria, and the Guinea pigs for British experimentation in absurdities, seem to be in deep slumber, which if care is not taken, might metamorphose into coma, and then ultimately degenerate to morbidity.

The agents of the British oppressors, who deceitfully call themselves government personnel, have all the cards on the table. Now, they will play the game their own way, but the question remains; are you ready for the #NEXTLEVEL?

We tend to sympathize with the jealous and envious Nigeria conspirators and genocidists, who made the murder of Biafrans a state enterprise, because they do not know what is coming to them. They do not know that when a tyrant has those who are ready to commit all manner of atrocities for him in the EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATURE, JUDICIARY, SECURITY AGENCIES, MEDIA HOUSES, AND CIVIL SERVICE, that is when they will unleash a full-blown tyranny, autocracy, and dictatorialism. You can liken that situation to when a shark smells blood. Of course, it will certainly go for the kill.

In the course of time, the  evil and pain that will be unleashed upon the savages and barbarians who call themselves citizens of Nigeria, as a retributive recompense for murdering over six million innocent and defenceless Biafrans,  will be so severe that suicide rate  will hit the roofs, while there will be no media to express what is going on, knowing that there certainly would be a prohibition to access to the social media,  radio and television stations, even as a clamp down on electronic and print media would be the most attractive option for the gangsters and bandits at Aso Rock, who call themselves Nigeria government. The usual public commentaries, economic and political analysis, which mostly come in the form of television shows will be met with stringent, obnoxious, and tough regulations, or the stations will be outrightly shut down.

Do not forget that they have just tested the waters with AIT, and you will be asked to go to court because they know that nothing will come out of it. Remember, that, as they try to remind all their victims time without number, in very distinct ways, that they own all the arms of government.

Some of the mind-boggling experiences that will be undergone at this time include, but not limited to the following;

  • Fulani herdsmen will be encouraged and supported with more information and ammunitions to carry out a full-scale Jihad
  • Top politicians will be arrested and jailed.
  • Some will be assassinated.
  • Travelers will have their phones being checked along the way regularly by security forces, and they will be given orders to kill and maim anybody who feels or claims he/she has a right.
  • The education sector will be totally destroyed because it does not serve their purpose.
  • They will attack the old eastern region with all manner of atrocities against the people from that region for not voting and supporting the political party that wants to carry out their mission and agenda.
  • Biafra land will be visited with extreme cruelty and all manner of impunitious, obnoxious, and nefarious regulations for talking about Biafran restoration.

Biafrans, both at home, and in diaspora, need not be reminded, that they should be vigilant, and ensure that they expose what is about to unfold. We must let the world know the cruelty, the fury, the brutality, the covert genocide, that is presently going on in Biafra land, and the barbaric savagery and overt genocide that the present set of impostors and impersonators at Aso Rock, are planning to unleash against Biafrans in particular, and Christians in general.

Biafran youths should be vigilant and security conscious always because they will be the target for the security forces. They will release terror on Biafran youths in every corner and major streets of Biafra land, including the peripheral boundaries of Biafra, like Igede, Igala, and Idoma, to break the youths down. Every Biafran youth on social media and on the streets of Nigeria should take his/her security and that of his family VERY serious as we march forward.


Everybody must remember that everything Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the charismatic, resolute, visionary, Prophetic, and indefatigable leader of the great IPOB has predicted about the Nigerian state has come to pass; from the Islamization and Fulani herdsmen invasion, to the removal of the Chief Justice of the federation, and the rigging of the 2019 general elections, and so on. All these have all come to pass. Obasanjo and Wole Soyinka even confirmed the herdsmen, fulanisation and Islamization agenda.

Putting all the above into consideration, and knowing that as sure as daybreak that they will surely come to execution and ENFORCEMENT, it is penitent to ask the victims of British inhumanity and exploitative parasitism (who call themselves citizens of Nigeria);
Are you really ready for this #NEXTLEVEL?

Written by:
Usain Reyes
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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