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We are worlds apart, no we are galaxies apart. Obafemi Awolowo saw farther than Zik. Maybe his own spectacles were much thicker.

He warned our brother Zik to leave the hidden alone pre-1960. Zik wanted to live the title of "Zik of Africa", then he raised one index finger to demonstrate the oneness of a sham. This was our first mistake. A mistake that will later cost millions of lives who could have been so productive today.

After the first coup, Ironsi assumed power, he wanted to play the nationalist, doesn't he know that the hidden believe not in nationalism but feudalism? He was warned by some Igbo officers and Yoruba. He saw it as bigotry. How could they say such? Why should he be killed where love leads? He never knew that in the jungle, there ain't nothing as love, even same species eat offsprings when food is limited. His own peaceful Nigeria existed on paper and on a corner of his brain. He was effaced with the fashion of jungle justice.

Ojukwu understood the times better than Zik and Ironsi. When the pogrom started in the north, he asked the easterners to return in earnest. Some were gorily butchered in trains as they fled back but some made it anyway. Ojukwu went with his secretary to Aburi Ghana to come to a lasting ground for peace. Everything was agreed which was the restructuring every right-thinking person is in agreement with.

Britain didn't like it; their hands-on oil is juicier when it is controlled by the Fulani instead of the easterners. Gowon agreed to the accord and signed but he was made to refuse and refute it by the British via the caliphate.

The Civil genocide sponsored by Britain and their allies ensued. The whole of Nigeria was against the Igbo, they preferred Unitarianism to Regionalism. So, they chose to keep the tiger cob and do away with the kid goat. Today, that cob has grown to a full mature tiger with grown offsprings. They now ravage every nook and cranny of the keepers; Agatu and most of the middle belt. 

Nnamdi Kanu is yet another opportunity given by the gods, what are we busy doing? "No, he is not getting it right," "he is too aggressive," "he insults our elders," "who did he consult," "he is just a small rabble rouser".

How can he consult the people who are the beneficiaries of the sham and jungle? What answers do you think he will get? Come to every street in Port Harcourt, they are littered with Eze this, Eze that and all these thrones are powered by oil companies. How do you think they can negotiate with Kanu when they were put there to collect the mega money in return to make sure their subjects don't agitate injustice?

All the Igwes in the southeast are politically controlled and under the payroll of the state government. How can they listen to MNK When their job is to dissuade the people against any uprising due to injustice from the government?

He needn't consult anyone, instead, we the ordinary people of the east consulted him. We needed salvation. We needed a mouthpiece against this massive gloom in our sphere.

Children of evil and perdition have made mockery times without number but he puts them to shame. He was touted to come back and agitate, to their awe and spite, he came and was jailed. These same children of hell who are mostly errand boys for politicians or civil servants or just people contented in middle class swore that he will never grace the sun, ever. He even insulted Buhari in his own court daring him to jail him.

Orji Ụzọr Kalụ was sent to negotiate a settlement with him which of course was very sumptuous. If it were one toad looking nigger who called himself an agitator, I know he could have dived at such once in a lifetime opportunity. MNK rejected the messengers offer.

But do you know what children of hell are saying now? They are saying that after he went missing after his assassination attempt in the python dance, that he collected bribe from the federal government. You see, Nigeria is so corrupt and evil such that her citizens can never believe that a man can exist who will refuse offers.

Why can't you give credit to he who can do what you can't even in a dream. Why are you evil? Why have you chosen another cob instead of a kid?

The worst part is that most of his haters and propaganda machines are the uniformed suffering masses. The people comfortable with the country are busy deceiving you and you swallow and spread lies with joy. What a pity!

Most people hate him because according to them, they know so much, thereby they feel he is threading wrongly. Let me ask you Mr. Sophisticated, do you think most of us who follow him agree with everything he does? Of course not! But we know he is not perfect and because he can do or has done what we can't and can never do, we still support him.

I can't start listing the things I don't agree with, but I don't capitalize on that. Once IPOB comes up with anything I feel I don't agree with, I just keep my silence. For Christ's sake this is a struggle and not a country yet! We are in the jungle! IPOB has her executives who discuss issues before they dish them out. They can't listen to every one of us. Yes! And if you feel you have much to offer, join and work your way in to the decision panel. Don't stay on your keyboard and expect IPOB to start listening to you, this is a worldwide organization with sound structure. You can actually get involved.

Let us embrace this kid who will become a grown domestic goat which will be very resourceful to us economically. Let us not choose another cob who will grow to a tiger and devour us. Our politicians are confirmed evil people with proofs that we have seen but here is the twist, MNK who has never taken your dime, you have been made to hate for standing on the truth for you. How idiotic can you be? There are many people who don't also agree with his methods, but they know what he stands for. Don't let upcoming politicians deceive you, don't listen to their lying tongues, their allegiance is to politicians and not to the people.

Also, beware of disgruntled political boys. The only time they support the struggle is if their choice politician loses, that is when they remember that there is injustice in the land. Had Atiku not lost via rigging, many of our people here would have been mocking IPOB on 30th of May, trust me, it is true.

I have chosen the kid over the cob because I know what is right. I have chosen light over darkness because darkness cannot exist on its own. Darkness is not a phenomenon but light is. Darkness is the absence of light.

I have chosen the kid over the cob, that the children who will come after me can live in a tranquil environment. I have chosen life. I am impervious to these deceits. I don't rely on words on the street, I tune in to radio Biafra to get the gist, I surround myself with positive minded Biafrans who have also chosen the kid.

I want to use this medium to congratulate us on a successful "sit at home". More like this to come till it becomes tradition, iseee!

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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