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Historically, way back in time immemorial, the Igbos lived peacefully and in prosperity without kings. Once upon a time, the idea of having a central ruler in Igbo communities was alien to us. Then Ndigbo lived in democratic societies, under the guidance of Eze Nmuo and the Elders' Council made up of Umunna.

These men were of repute, distinguished by hard work, honesty and their undying love for their communities. They were representatives of different families or smaller community units. While Eze Nmuo was the mouthpiece of the Gods and the mediator between men and our ancestors/spirits. Eze Nmoo and the Elders' Council served as the custodian of Igbo sacred traditions and culture of each Igbo community. And he was chosen by the god(s) of the land as the head of priesthood in every Igbo community. They jointly upheld and enforced the ancient laws of the land (Omenala) as reflected in the Torah and read in the Pentateuch, otherwise known as the Five Books of Moses, namely, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. As a result, Aru (abomination) could not strive in the land.

Decisions in our various communities were reached by consensus and not by the verdict of any strange Parliament, King, President or Governor in a faraway land operating under strange laws, written in strange language.

Reason being that we Ndigbo are both Democrats and Republicans by nature. No one dare impose anything on anyone without the collective decision of the generality of the people. Hence the saying: Igbo enwe gi eze.

Umunna served as the jury in our various communities and they upheld justice being guided by the fear and reverence for the God(s) Chiukwu and of our ancestors whose principles served as guiding light and moral authority.

The Chief Priests or Eze nmuo was consulted on complicated matters to know the mind of the god(s) and of our ancestors based on established traditions, culture and customs of the land.

Both the Elders ‘Council and the Eze Nmuo operated by Ofo na Ogu, which is the sacred symbol of truth and righteousness. Offenders were punished accordance with the laws of the land (Omenala). This helped to maintain sanity na Ala Igbo (in Igbo society). There weren't any sacred cows; no one was above the law (Omenala).

Back then, it wasn't about what you acquired but how you acquired it. Good family name was the hallmark in the Igbo society and chieftaincy title like the Ozo title wasn't about being wealthy rather it was about being a person of integrity and a contributor to the community's progress.

This ancient system made it extremely difficult for the British invaders to succeed in their conquest bid for Ala-Igbo (Igbo Land) as it was practically impossible for one man or just a few disgruntled elements in the society to take a decision on behalf of the entire Igbo nation devoid of the collective opinions and decision of the members of the Igbo society, unlike other ethnic nationalities in the British contraption which Fredrick Lugar's mistress later called Nigeria.

Today, we have brought in alien culture and installed Kings, Governors etc, in Igbo Land. They parade themselves like the British lords and act as though our ancestral homelands and resources are their sole proprietorship; ever willing to sale us to the highest bidder and serve as stooges to the Islamic Caliphate and their British partners in crime.

It's high time we abolish this abomination (Aru) and reclaim our identity and cultural heritage as a free people and symbol of freedom the world over. We must rise up and break their yoke over us.

It's time for a revolution. We must reclaim our identity and honour as free a people or die and be buried in unmarked graves like slaves.

Special Note: For your information, I'm a firm believer in one true God (Chiukwu Okike) and a proud practicing believer in Christ and I'm unapologetic about it!

Written by:
Elekwachi Ude
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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