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First of all, as it is the usual tactics of the Fula, they unleashed unabated government sponsored mayhem. This is to create a huge problem and make the indigenes scared. When there is a problem, there ought to be a solution, right?

So, instead of proffering an everlasting solution, which is dissolution of the illusion called a country, their solution tilted towards spreading the Fula empire via many nomenclatures.

They first called it grazing route, we screamed, then they called it cattle colony, we raised the roof and they now said "OK" "we shall call it what it truly is" they called it "RUGA" meaning a village settlement in Fula language. This people ain't no fool. If there is a thing they are adept at, it is land occupation and control.

 In this, you will see why Buhari came and what Nnamdi Kanu saw. Buhari needs to complete this task before his tenure ends. This is his ultimate mission. We must continue. So, this RUGA now is coming with a mouth-watering package that I call the kiss of death.

What is the federal government doing? They are funding this project with a mammoth sum. Just as a governor, declare interest in the scheme, billions of naira will be immediately approved to set it up. Imagine all these greedy avaricious and insatiable kinds called governors rejecting awoof in excess of billions of naira.

Can they allow the aroma of this "ofe owere" pass them by? The answer is left to the length of their throats "longer-throat".

As I have maintained, I leave all and sundry in my friend list, I use many to understand the brilliance and stupidity of man. On my list are Igbo Buhari and APC promoters. They are already trying to justify this death trap with emotional blackmail and daylight subterfuge.

 Do you know what they are saying? They are saying that Igbo people are crying wolf, rejecting RUGA, they are saying that when the benefits start pouring in because of the huge fund the government is pouring in, that our people will start screaming of marginalization.

 TUFIAKWA! Government to go round states collecting people's lands for people's private businesses and giving the governors billions for that. Chai! Some states in the middle belt have agreed to this scheme. The people mostly killed by herders are still them.

My question is this, did the politicians accept on their behalf without their behest or are they actually mute even on social media because they truly believe that RUGA will solve their problems?

There is something I hate, and it is called "CRYING MORE THAN THE BEREAVED" One of my friends here from Southern Kaduna once accused me of that, then two weeks later, his village was raided by seeds of Dan Fodio.

Is this silence a silent whisper of the conquered ones or is it just a people so careless and docile? ‘Ndi’ Middle belt, ‘una case tire me’. I swear.

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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