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DOES NIGERIA NEED PRAYER OR REVOLUTION? (Let's find out in this article)


The coming of Mazi Nnamdi KANU and Buhari aka Jubril at this material time in the history of Nigeria is the making and working of God Almighty.

Many things happening today has revealed that so many people we thought know God do not actually know or understand God and how he works. I will explain further as we go on.

A lot of persons are still stuck with empty religious activities thinking those activities are really what it means to know God. It is sad indeed.

What is happening nowadays in Nigeria is God doing it. It will be very hard for a religious mind to accept this fact and that is the reason they will keep on praying for Nigeria thinking they are doing the will of God.

This thing God is doing, how is it for the good of the people?

A)  To expose the hidden agenda, the secrets and evils that has been piled, heaped up in Nigeria for many years against the people unabated to the whole world.

B)  To expose the many years of hidden and systematic injustices, and ongoing exploitations of indigenous peoples in Nigeria by:

1)  Britain
2)  Fulani
3)  Nigerian ruling class, politicians at all levels

4)  To open the eyes and minds of the Nigerian people to see these hidden secrets, evils, systematic injustice and ongoing exploitation that has been meted against them for years which are still ongoing, and

5)  To afford them the opportunity to rise up with a collective holy anger and resolve to say NO, enough is enough. And act by themselves to end Nigeria and free themselves from the above oppressors and gang up from within and outside. Otherwise, if they do nothing to free themselves, they will remain slaves now and forever including their generations yet unborn.

What I have told you now is what it is. It is only one with soundness of mind and spiritual sensitivity that can understand this truth and believe it, and others given to it to understand.

It does not matter whether you go to Church or not. After all, many church goers are ignorant of what God is doing in Nigeria at this time. They are still being blinded by religion saying, leave it for God, God will do it. Even what God is doing they don't believe, they don't see and don't understand.

Anyone calling for prayers for Nigeria is either innocently ignorant, mischievous and blind to see that GOD IS THE ONE DISMANTLING NIGERIA TO FREE THE ENTRAPPED AND ENSLAVED INDIGENOUS PEOPLE IN THIS BRITISH INHUMANITY CALLED NIGERIA.

Having known this that God is the one dismantling Nigeria, what are you supposed to do? Pray for Nigeria for peace, oneness and unity or join the work of God in dismantling Nigeria?

Anyone asking you to pray for peace in Nigeria, simply tell the person that there can never be peace where injustice rules and reigns supreme.

Tell the person that there can never be peace, oneness and unity where one tribe takes pleasure in killing other tribes.

Tell them there can never be peace, oneness and unity in Nigeria where peaceful people are proscribed and tagged terrorists while the real terrorists that have killed thousands of people and still killing are celebrated, pampered, protected and rewarded with N100 billion naira and AM Radio station across the country to kill more people.

Ask anyone telling you to pray for peace, and unity in Nigeria. Can there be peace and unity anywhere without justice?

Tell them that it is against the will of God to pray for peace and unity in Nigeria because from the beginning we were not one and have never been, even after the forced unity, it didn't work. It still failed.


Written by:
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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