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Dear Nwodo,

Your letter is very timely, it was lengthy but I took my time to read it anyway.

Oga, we knew all about your chatham house broadcast, in fact we even followed the live streaming on facebook, even IPOB made several announcements about it and you were hailed by all and sundry for your outspokenness THEN O.

Nwodo, something changed about you and you know it. you resolved that after the ultimatum which you issued for restructuring to take place expires, that you will align with the struggle. Did this happen? We were not asking you to register as an IPOB member as we know your ego wont permit, what and what have you done to ensure that this struggle remains alive? instead you were on a battle of control and relevance with the IPOB.

You knew so well that the average Igbo youth had already aligned with the IPOB and not with the political class. what did you do? Of course you aligned with your kind, which is the political class. Since you all, the political class have been ruling us under Nigeria, what has changed? Of course, a lot changed, but it has been a constant negative change. We don't need you guys anymore. You do not represent our interest but that of yourselves and your families.

Yes, your epistle is timely , most especially for the political Igbo class, the efulefus and the aspiring political neophytes. This must be a very hard time for your kind this moment in time but we must continue.

I still have pictures of the photo ops you and the governors had with buhari immediately after the python dance. You all went to Abuja to thank him for bringing stability to the southeast according to you all that visited. All these, we read with corresponding picture shots taken.

By then, Nnamdi Kanu was threatening heavily on election boycott and you people couldn't stomach it. His popularity was enormously growing and you all felt threatened. The north wrote many letters with many declarations, warning you and the governors on the need to silence Nnamdi Kanu. You all had no option but to obey your masters by signing and endorsing operation python dance 2. You lie big time if you say you weren't part of it.

You mentioned all the Igbo greats that you associated with who have died.
Dear Nwodo, do you know that if those men wake from their graves to see what you and these present governors and politicians have done to Ala Igbo, they will weep back to the comfort of their graves? Do you know that a pregnant woman was killed yesterday in Enugu state by fulani herdsmen?

Oga. there is a narrative that you want to push, and that narrative is that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wants to endanger the lives of Ndi Igbo with IPOB activities. Oga, MNK has never given anyone order to attack anyone from any tribe. During the python dance, after the picture circulation of those IPOB members in the mud, many members were disappointed in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for not giving order to start unleashing mayhem. How can you win the people in a guerilla warfare? But kanu ordered everyone to stand down.
Do you think he is insensitive to our people living in other parts of the country? Oga, you cannot use this one as a tool to garner public sympathy.

You were talking about people commending you and your Ohaneze group for being outstanding, biko, apart from globetrotting to eat yam and speak plenty useless English, what else have you people achieved for Ndi igbo? Even the Igbo vice presidency of Obi is courtesy the clamoring of IPOB, they even did that in view of trying to appease this new Igbo wave in IPOB. it was never because you were travelling upandan.

Let us even forget IPOB, individuals here have done more work to promote the Igbo identity and politics than the entire 
Ohaneze since its inception.

You wrote that you expected the IPOB to form a synergy with you and push for restructuring, oga, how? Are you really pushing? As in, are you really serious? chai, we don suffer. So this thing I am seeing is what it takes to push for restructuring? Before you endorsed Atiku, did you even say anything about restructuring or you just joined in the chorus of atikulates where people didn't even want to hear that word mentioned?

Our stand remains, Don't go to Europe again to eat yam, simple!

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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