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The Fulani had, of old, employed the strategy of subtle but gradual occupation of communities through the seemingly hapless process of coming as friendly settlers, who have come with the goal of enhancing the supply of protein needs of their host.

But this has always ended in woeful and tragic tales for such communities, as the Fulani, in the course of time, would invade, massacre, and exterminate such communities, making themselves the bona-fide occupants of such communities.

One way of aborting this type of tragic woes is, before conceding any inch to the Fulani, avoiding them and their notorious cow meat, for the reasons stated here, though not limited to them.

1. Because the Fulani, as an ethnic group has learnt to use their herdsmen as advance occupational army, the Fulani herdsmen have been taught to be violent people.
They cannot live in any environment without causing chaos and anarchy, which in most cases, result in wars.
They rape women at will, kill for pleasure, and because of the hatred they have for Biafrans, destroy farm lands etc.

2. Fulani herdsmen, as a group, is the 4th deadliest terrorist organization in the world, going by the latest world index on terrorism.
We cannot afford to live with such violent people who kill and destroy our farm lands in our lands as neighbours.

3. We cannot be crying and lamenting daily about the killings by the Fulani herdsmen, and still patronize their cow business.

4. Buying and eating Fulani cow meat means empowering them to buy more guns and bullets to kill us because as we buy their ‘nama’, they use the money to buy arms to kill and destroy us.

5. For Fulani herdsmen to leave our lands, their cow business must seize to be lucrative in Biafra land.
Cow business must die naturally as a result of our boycott. And when there is no cow business again for them in Biafra land, they will leave Biafra land and look elsewhere.

Another compelling reasons why Biafrans must boycott cow meat is that:

6. The caliphate feudal government of Nigeria has discovered that, since there is no control about consumables in the British cage called Nigeria, the Fulani has been instructed to be flooding the Biafra market with dead cows, which the health implication is not farfetched.

Biafrans must boycott the Fulani cows because;

7.  They deliberately poison these cows and present them as those with health-related challenge, calling for urgency in disposition, translating to having all the consumers of such cows having been administered with slow death poison.

Again, under the protection of the terroristic militia called Nigeria armed forces,

8. The Fulani have been taught to make bogus claims about the loss of their cows, under which guise, with the aid of the uniformed terrorists, they invade and massacre innocent communities, or they extract very heavy ransoms, as a compensation for non-missing cows.

9. The Fulani cow meat needs to be boycotted because, it is because of the booming cow trade that the Fulani hide every kind of deadly weapons into our communities, for the ease of their deadly attacks on the Biafran communities.

10. The Fulani cows should be boycotted because it is an abomination punishable by death in (Leviticus 20: 15-16) to mate (have sex) with animals. It simply makes you that eat the meat a spiritual slave to them that have sex with the cow (the animal). Stop eating cow meat.

When we boycott the Fulani and their cows, all their covert and overt terroristic activities against Biafrans will cease, if not automatically, at least, gradually and it will in turn encourage Biafrans to fully go into the business of rearing our local Igbo domestic animals, such as Igbo goats, fowls, Ehi Igbo, Efi Igbo and several others.

Finally, as I end this article, know today that whenever, be it marriage ceremonies, burial, every Church occasions, family (Umunna) celebration, Community celebrations or State celebrations, at every occasion you purchase cows, just bear in mind that you are ARMING Fulani terrorists herdsmen against yourself and family members.


Written by:
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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