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When I went to National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office some years ago to register for a national ID card, there was no light, so they told us that if we were serious and really had businesses to attend to, that we should contribute money for fuel.

Mind you, money for fuel had been budgeted for the week, signed and approved. One man or one woman or some people have shared this money only to transfer the responsibility to the hapless citizens with pride, arrogance and authority.

These civil servants are all Christians and they go to church and attend weekly programmes. They even pray for Nigeria and her leaders. Others have a pamphlet with a prayer captioned "PRAYER FOR NIGERIA IN DISTRESS".

My friend's street in Port Harcourt has been without electricity for two months now. Something got spoilt in their transformer. NEPA came, examined and said that what spoilt is worth millions of Naira. So, every household in the street was taxed 5 thousand Naira each to fix it. They refused, it has remained like that permanently.

Remember that a every transformer is owned by NEPA. Remember that these people pay NEPA bills, in fact they have prepaid meters. Can't NEPA dip hands into their coffers and repair that transformer owned by them which generates money for them? All the NEPA bills, where do they go to? Why don't the bills reflect on the citizens in terms of good service from NEPA?

The people who subject ordinary citizens to this injustice and hardship are Muslims and Christians. They go to mosque and churches every Friday and Sunday respectively. They want Allah and Jesus to transform their country. Yes, they want Allah and Jesus to kill them because they are what they are praying against.

See police, an average policeman who works in a police station prays for a murder crime in a street or in a given compound. When this happens, it is more bail money for them. They simply swoop to the crime scene, arrest everyone on sight or everyone within a 200-meter radius. They have no regard for the dead getting justice, it is an avenue for more bail money. Even the one who reported the crime will have to bail himself. Yet you wonder why people should report any case. A friend of mine went to report his neighbour for assault, the police asked him to fuel their car and pay 10 thousand Naira upfront. In police budget, they have money for fuel, but then, it is what it is.

These policemen are Christians and Muslims who fervently pray for Nigeria every Sunday and Friday respectively for God to change Nigeria, but God will kill them first before there will be any change.

Ø  The NIMC man is bullied and extorted by the police and the NEPA man.
Ø   The NEPA man is bullied and extorted by the NIMC man and the policeman.
Ø   The policeman is bullied and extorted by the NEPA man and the NIMC man.

This is a wonderful cocktail of evil and corruption. It touches everyone, yet everyone prays for its end but no one is willing to let go.

You see that fire that begat a part of Ọchanja market in Onitsha? Some people there actually support Obiano's government. They defend him with all their wits but still, they don't know that governor Obiano has a non-existent fire service in his state. But you know what? People still go to work every day, they call themselves fire fighters, they receive salaries every month too.

You see Buharideens? Apart from the ones in this government, most of them suffer more than us. But then, hypocrisy and sycophancy are like cocaine that’s very addictive.

These are my problems with one Nigeria advocates. People see evil, people do evil, people don't want evil to end, people know how to end evil, but they would rather wait for their own turn to perpetrate evil. When you complain, they ask you to leave the country, but then, every worship day, they still ask you why you don't go to church or mosque.

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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