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As a child I was told by adults that the vulture is an evil bird, the vulture is not edible like other birds. I was even told that vultures eat their offspring whenever they are hungry and was unable to find anything to eat. I don't know how true is that. If that is true, then the old vulture needs to die now that it is sick why? Because none of her offspring will take care of her, at worst to get some medications for her.

In the book of Revelation, for those who are conversant with the branch of theology associated with the word Apocalypse, "the beast" is one of the terms used to describe a political power, an empire or state. I am not trying to digress, but to bring our mind to the conclusion that the old vulture is an evil empire. The evil empire that takes pride in destroying her own. The old vulture has many children, but as a lazy glutton, she ate most of her children to satisfy her appetite and the remaining ones that were able to escape her grip went on exile as asylum seekers in other countries, what a shame?  Today she is seeking for help from other people's children, but none is ready to risk the life of her children to help an old witch, who could not spare the lives of her own children.

Nigeria the old vulture introduced a new term to English Lexicon, "state sponsored terrorism." How on earth could someone kill her own children and even brag about it. Today Nigeria is known globally as a terrorist state. Nigeria hits the news stand globally as home of world acknowledged deadliest terrorist group, the Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen. No sane person will invest in a country where his life and his investment are unsafe. No sane person will invest in a country that finds it difficult to obey her own constitution, including obeying ruling from her own court of competent jurisdiction.

The borrowing habits of the old vulture cannot save her from dying. Her borrowed fund can only sustain her for a while in a life support machine but as soon as she runs out of fund, then the game is over. Her surrogate mother Britain will not save her this time, as she is currently battling with her own illness. If care is not taken, her own children will tear her apart. They have been able to reject some of her leaders through a referendum for Brexit. Leaders like David Cameron and Theresa May were disgraced out of office. Britain's sickness is different from Nigeria's. In her own case she doesn't eat her children but never gives a damn about other people's children if the issue conflicts her personal or economic interest, but Nigeria is so weak internationally that she cannot defend her children from small countries like Cameroon, Benin Republic and South Africa, but prides herself in killing her own Children at every peaceful protest, demonstration or agitation. What a shame?

Who then will save the old Vulture? Nobody, for she is at war with herself, she is at war with her children, she is at war with the International community.  She is to set her house in order for she must surely die, for peace to reign among the children of men. But even if she fails to set her house in order her death is imminent, but this time it will be disastrous and her carcass will be decimated. Her death will bring about, the freedom of Biafra, the freedom of Oduduwa and the freedom of Arewa. It will bring a stop to Boko Haram and Fulanis Herdsmen attacks on indigenous communities in their criminal tendency for invasion, conquest, Fulanisation and possible Islamization.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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