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Many of the people that have been following my posts on TBRV and other social media groups were actually expecting me to write a piece about the judgement of supreme court on the just concluded presidential election. But I see it as a waste of time and data. I purposely decided to remain mute, so that those who think we are here to make noise on social media will rightly advice themselves and defect to the side of truth and begin to take us serious for what we are; angels of the most high, sounding the trumpet of the coming of righteous kingdom, and the destruction of the wicked.

Let us continue with the business of the day. As usual, I will start with so questions, bordering on our existence as a people.

Why do we have more Military and police checkpoints in our land than the war-torn Northern Nigeria?

Why do Police and Military in our land see it as bravery whenever they shoot unarmed civilians over a slight misunderstanding at their checkpoint or even quarrels or misunderstanding among civilians?

Why is that any peaceful demonstration in our land ends with the police or military shooting unarmed protesters and even go about bragging about it? But in the North, the people are free to protest.

Why is that, it is only in our land that Nigeria constitution is obeyed in full force. Many do not know that some places in the Northern part of Nigeria you can drive your vehicle without licence or even plate number. It is normal to drive your motorcycle without vehicle licence or plate number, but here in our land the Eastern Region, you dare not try it?

Why is it the Hausa Fulani can carry his machete or AK 47 around without anyone arresting him but you dare not try it in our land even carrying kitchen knife around is a crime in our land if you are an Easterner?

How come it's only in our land that Custom officials enter people's shop to seize their goods in the name looking for imported goods? Like what happened recently in Ogbogonogo Market Asaba where men in customs and military uniform invaded the market and carted away bags or rice, which they claimed are foreign rice. Can such thing happen in the North?

How come all the borders in the North are porous? when they are showing us all the goods confiscated in the CUSTOMS' in their operations, all hear and see are the Seme and Idiroko border as if these are the only border in Nigeria?

And to crown it all the government closed down all the sea ports in our land and made sure we don't have any International Airport in Our land. The whole Federal government road in our land is in sorry state. The only concern of the Federal government in our land is to continue launching military upon military operations in our peaceful land; the Python dance 1, 2, 3, the crocodile tears 1, 2 etc. and now the Atiliogwu dance.

There is something in the offing. Few month ago, there was a report on social media the military were spotted in a forest in Enugu area dropping arms to herdsmen even with the video clips recorded and posted online it was denied and the claimed it was a military training exercise by the military.

Now your politicians are more or less slaves to the politicians in the North, the ruling cabal and entire Northern Caliphate. They have used their political life span and political ambition to cage them. If they talk they go after them with EFCC because they are not free from corruption.

The next people who are to be caged are the business men of Biafra extraction, they are not interested in political position so the only way to cage them is to reduce their business and financial strength through government policies as monetary policies, abrupt bank charges and ban on importation. With these, many will lose their businesses.

They need to cage everybody why? They only way to control an individual is to control his or means of livelihood. When you can no longer feed yourself unless they give you food, it will then be easy to use you to fight your own brother as a saboteur, just for a plate of food.

All these are geared toward the 2023 election and toward our Biafra restoration project. They need to remain in power to maintain the tempo of the subjugation. The essence is to weaken your will power physically, mentally and financially so that even if some of our people are offered referendum on a platter of gold, they will reject it and follow their master who has been feeding them. This is another level of mental slavery.

Remember what I wrote in my last post, "THE POLITICAL MARAUDERS ON PROWL AGAIN" the Fulani are coming en masse from so many Africa countries, yes, that's the price your politicians have to pay for their much-desired Igbo presidency. They will give out your land without your consent to the Fulanis, leaving you to go and fight the well-equipped Fulanis and he will run to Abuja and dine with cabal and negotiate for a political post after his tenure. He will then come back to make a press statement after the decimation of his people and urge your pastors and Bishops to declare 3days fast and prayers for the dead.

As for the National Identity Card, all those Fulanis who are from different Countries will be issued National Identity Card so as to prevent people from referring to them as foreigners, are you getting the gist? They will feel free to vote in your village.

They will finally turn our land  to a  theatre of war and when you are being stopped on the highway by the soldiers who are mostly Fulanis, providing your National Identity Card on request, it will be easier to identify who you are and whether you deserve to live since the communities will be fighting with the Fulanis on regular basis you can learn from what is happening in Plateau State since Fulanis invaded their land.

That is the Final onslaught the enemy is planning before Biafra restoration which I believe is imminent. So fellow Biafrans guide your loins, don't rely only in your certificate, go and learn one thing, acquire more skills and invest in Agriculture in a large scale. All these empty land in our communities we are fighting for could be used for community large scale Agricultural Farm, our business men should invest in Agriculture. God has blessed us with the most fertile land in the universe. This is what we must do.

Secondly, we must restore our neighbourhood watch and make use of our youth while the communities contribute money for some security gadgets. We must not leave the security of our lives in hands of those who did not wish us good. A word is enough for the wise.

With the current supreme court judgement on the Federal election petition, many are beginning to appreciate the fact that Biafra is our only hope, so let's keep the fire burning.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration voice -TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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