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The contraption called Nigeria was created by a man called Fredrick Lugard by the amalgamation of the Northern and the Southern protectorate in 1914 as against all odds, the people were forced into a deadly union. They do not share anything in common; Language, Religion, culture, tradition, norms and values. Even in Physical appearance, there is no resemblance. It's so deep that even the animals like goats and cattle from the North are difference in physical appearance compare to the ones in the South.

We all know that Nations are divinely created, in fact they evolve organically through cultural assimilation, adaptation and language interchange which may take hundreds of years to actualize. General Yakubu Gowon once said "there is no basis for Nigeria Unity". Nigeria was created by the British for the economic viability of Britain. So, the people called Nigeria cannot be said to have benefited from the creation of Nigeria if after over Hundred years of the creation, Nigeria still makes headlines as the poverty capital of the world, with all the abundant mineral resources, capital and human resources. The only people that benefit from the phantom unity of Nigeria is Britain and the elites of the contraption who are the conduit pipes through which the mineral resources and the money realised from its sales are moved down to Britain and other European countries inform of loot. The Northern part of the country has remained the poorest in Nigeria with so many years they have held unto the super structure; the political power.

Britain on their part has helped in puncturing the perceived unity of Nigeria, by assuring the Northern cabal that powers must remain in the North and it has remained so, even with the oil in the south-south which is the sole product holding Nigeria economy. The old Eastern Region has become a desolate place by reason of oil exploration and its attendant oil spill by the multinational companies. The region the feeds the entire country and even Britain do not have access road, portable water and to worsen the whole issue their rivers and farm lands have been polluted due to oil spill and their only source of livelihood which is agriculture has been destroyed. The South East on their part has suffered the most heinous crime ever committed to any race. The 1929 Aba women riot, the 1945 pogrom, the 1965 Kano riot, the 1966 pogrom and the 1967-1970 genocide, where over 10Million Biafrans were massacred by Nigeria federal troops, Britain and her allies, according a recent report released by Irish government.

The South-West, with their mastery of the media has contributed immensely to the division of Nigeria through using the media to cover the crime being committed against the old Eastern Region. They have been duly rewarded by the Northern Nigeria leaders, by making sure that only Lagos Apapa seaport is the only operational sea port presently in Nigeria, there by attracting more business and investment to Lagos and other South Western states. The old Eastern Nigeria has moved on after the genocide committed against them, it appears they are the only people that accepted the mantra; 3R -- Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, even though they are the victims of genocide, they have forgiven Nigeria and Britain, they have gone to other regions to embrace them with their development strides but Nigeria has never forgiven the Biafrans. Even as I am writing this piece another round of Biafran genocide is going on in Biafra land using the Fulani herdsmen, the Military and the police. Nigeria and Britain have even conspired with the mainstream media like BBC to remain mute on issues concerning the unwarranted clamp down of Biafrans because of their quest for freedom, as enshrined in UN charter on the right to self-determination.

Can they ever be one? Can the contraption ever be one with this level of hatred sown as seeds by the creators of Nigeria in the foundation? Now the cry for Freedom has reached the crescendo, for anyone hated must not hate himself. Biafra has come as a panacea to Nigeria question.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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