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In the 80's, a very good friend and a faithful Christian brother had a photo studio named "HELP FROM ABOVE" in Onitsha.  It became so popular that many of us who were his friend cannot even remember his real name. The fame of that studio over shadowed his real name. Every Christian has that believe that our help can only come from above, we also believe that the Almighty who is above, is above all things.

One of wonders of this century especially here in the contraption, the British contraption called Nigeria (Nigga -Areas) are; sudden change, turn around, repentance, born again, turning point and what have you. All of sudden you see an individual telling you that he has repented, he no longer smokes, drinks alcohol or womanise or even ‘manise’ if there is anything like that. What I don't phantom in my widest imagination is, how my sworn enemy, who had shot and killed by parents, my siblings, friends and colleagues will just come to my house unannounced with the ulterior motive to come and offer medical assistance to me. I have not seen him apologizing to his crimes against me or my people, I have not seen any sign of remorse on his face, before coming to offer his help from the pit of hell.

We are yet to recover from the killing of our people during the infamous military operations code-named Operation Python dance, Operation crocodile smile. As we are still mourning our dead, the same people are now launching another military operation which they tend to deceive the gullible with a change of name; Operation Atiliogwu. The same people are now coming to our land with another Operation these time with their health care assistance. You mean my sworn enemy can now turn to be my doctor, nurse, dispenser and primary health care assistance? Unbelievable, wonders shall never end.

The Government never responded to our cries for the reopening of our seaports, International Airport, Maintenance of the Federal roads, and removal of police and Military checkpoints on our high ways, but were quick to bring military health personnel, even when we never requested for it, God forbid. Where is the ministry of health workers both State and Federal, that the military will abandon the job of national security and international aggression, to be providing health services to our people living in rural communities.

Have Military done with fighting of insurgent in the North Eastern Nigeria and other Northern states? Please, Nigeria Government should stop ridiculing themselves in the face of the international communities. Just recently a report appeared of an accusation by one of the Asia countries that they discovered that some of the drugs being distributed in their communities by an international health organization have traces of chemical or drugs that can make an individual impotent. We cannot forget in a hurry the monkey pox scandal.

Is Nigeria Military now working with international organisations in charge of birth and population control policy of the new world order, in a bid to reduce the population of Biafrans before the Final putsch over by the Fulani foreign invaders? This is what our people should find out and respond appropriately, by sanitizing our people to shun this killer Health assistance, through the social media, churches and town hall meetings and town union announcements. Any help from your enemy, is help from below.

I am just a messenger sounding the trumpet for our people to put on their thinking caps, for the days are evil.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration voice -TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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