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One may be tempted to think that some utterances of the satanic Britain's agents, appointed through their puppets, Sokoto caliphate, can be tasteless or distasteful, irritating or nauseating, or outrightly putrefying. Otherwise, how can one begin to situate the statement recently credited to the former governor of Edo state Adams Oshiomhole, where he was quoted as being worried with regards to why some people would want to have Nigeria divided.

There is no doubt that Nigerian politicians are known for their shameless prevarications and chameleonism, which make them averse to the truth, yet they seem unperturbed in their daily conduct, parading themselves as though all is well.

For the likes of Adams Oshiomhole to deny the fact that the British inhumanity and graveyard called Nigeria has no reason to be divided is delusional. It is a proof that he is as sycophantic as he is hypocritical. It also shows that his many years of being a Labour leader was a total wastage.

For clarity purposes, there is a need to pen down some reasons why the British royal company called Nigeria must be divided without further delay.

v  The creator of Nigeria, the sadistic mercenary called Fredrick Lugard, reported to British parliament in 1913, before the amalgamation, that merging the poor arid north to the rich and wealthy south together is like mixing oil with water which is scientifically impossible. But for the economic blossoming of the British Rogueyalty and the genocidal British government, they instructed Fredrick Lord Lugard to go on with the evil amalgamation, but must be under experimentation which must not exceed hundred years, after which any component part that wishes to leave the contraption should be allowed to do so without any hindrance.  Ironically, the hundred years of experimentation has long elapsed since 31st December 2013.

v  The regular killing of Biafrans in the north, particularly Igbo tribe, since 1945 till date shows that Nigeria is indeed a zoo which should not have been allowed to exist in the first place.

v  The state sponsored massacre (so called pogrom) of 1966, where over three hundred thousand Igbo Biafrans were mowed down within a few days under government supervision, and the subsequent war of aggression and genocide levied against Biafrans in 1967-70 characterised by total blockade on the land, sea and air, bombardment of schools, market places, worship centres, refugee camps, residential houses, and funeral gatherings, which claimed over six million Biafrans is a proof that Biafrans are not part of the evil forest called Nigeria.

v  The confiscation of the properties of Biafrans, and their money in the Nigerian banks as war booty, and non-implementation of the much touted 3Rs by General Gowon's government after the war in the south eastern region, speak volumes of the much hatred Nigerian state has against Biafrans.

v  The indigenization policy introduced by Gowon's government, on the advice of the exploitative Britain, under the watch of the monster Awolowo, to perpetually keep Biafrans economically dwarfed in Nigeria, and the introduction of (NAIRA) in 1972 as a legal tender which literally meant a gang-up and conspiracy between north and south west against the Biafrans, (south east), thinking that it was going to further the economic strangulation of the Biafrans, making it impossible for an Igbo man to be elected as a president in Nigeria since after the war, forms part of the reason why the zoological republic called Nigeria must not survive.

v  Lack of federal presence in the south east is a fundamental reference point. Added to above is the closure of the airports and seaports in Biafra land, in the deliberate attempt by the Nigerian state to frustrate Biafrans economically, is also one of the major reasons why Biafra must be restored.

v  The conspiracy against Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's government in 2014/15 by the north and the South West, because of the simple reason of where he came from, also forms major factor of growing voice for a new nation where rule of law will be at home.

v  The continuous abduction, repression, killing, suppression, and forced disappearance of unarmed Biafrans on daily basis, and the invasion Biafra land by Nigerian terrorists in uniform, deceitfully called security forces, is something that must not be allowed to continue.

v  Illegal annexation of our land to Hausa Fulani herdsmen terrorists through RUGA SETTLEMENT INITIATIVE as a prelude for Fulani occupation, islamization, and domination, is one reason the British inhumanity and graveyard called Nigeria must not be allowed to exist for the sake of peace in Africa.

These, among other reasons, why the British inhumanity and geographical experimentation in inhumanity and absurdities, called Nigger area (Nigeria), must be dissolved, and new but organic nations emerge, to give room for the entrenchment of peace in the African continent.

Obviously, any southern Nigeria politician denying the fact that Nigeria is in a big mess and deserves to be dissolved, is obsessively delusional, and the likes of Adams Oshiomhole must be reminded that in marriage there is room for divorce and separation for the sake of peace.

Therefore, Nigeria, as an unworkable marriage, should not be allowed to continue. Every component part of this British fraud called Nigeria, must be allowed to go their separate ways in accordance with the amalgamation documents.

In conclusion, it must be stated that it has been seen that the possibility of the working of Nigeria as a coherent, coordinated, progressive, and prosperous country does not exist, but because of the criminal advantage bestowed upon a few agents of the British oppressors and Fulani caliphate feudalists, who happen to be as sycophantic as they are predatory, they will be insisting that the toxic cauldron called Nigeria will remain as lopsidedly constituted, with all the attendant exterminative brutish brutality, so that as scavengers, they will have more of the carcasses of their kinsmen to feed upon. This, in all its ramifications, is undeniably unbearable, and consequently, intolerable.

Udo dịrị ụnụ, ụmụ Chineke.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
God bless IPOB worldwide.
God bless Biafra, the land of the rising Sun.


Written by:
Eze Joe
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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