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There is a saying by my people that "When a child begins to search for his belongings, he will be regarded by some people as a bad child".

We have really paid our dues, we have even paid the ultimate price for the much-desired freedom, just to have a nation to be called our own, the way we were before the European came and divided us as some piece of cake and merged us with some people whose value system are quite different from ours. And that has been the genesis of our woes.

A man without a nation to be called his own is like a wandering vagabond, fugitive and in fact a wild beast which is only exist at the mercy of hunters, to be killed by men and never to be questioned by anyone for doing so.

When the Jews were scattered by foreign invaders in 70AD, they were enmeshed into European countries, after so many years, many of them could easily pass for one of the nationals of those countries they sojourned. Through the process of intermarriage and intercourse many lost their Jewishness, their colour and their physique. Unfortunately, they were not able to hide their identity which include their industrious nature, their creativity, wisdom and their dedication to the worship of Elohim as they continued with their orthodox Judaism life style.

Adolf Hitler was among the people who saw the existence of the Jews as threat to their national economy and security. He carried a global campaign in Europe where the Jews were demonized and even referred to as rodents through hate speeches using the government’s print and electronic media. In the end of the second world war, over 6Million Jews were killed in that holocaust. Today it is not possible to kill a Jew in any part of this world and go free, without being tracked and hunt down by Israeli security intelligence service; the Mossad.

Everywhere you go, people are respected first by their nationality and second by their personality. Businesses are respected all over the world especially when they are owned by foreign nationals that is why no Almajiri in the Northern Nigeria has ever torched any business owned by foreign nationals. It is only the business owned by Igbos and Biafrans that have become the objects of expressing their anger at any wrong policy by the government, even when the issue at stake has nothing to do with the Igbos. Few years ago, a caricature of Prophet Mohammed by a Canadian journalist in Canada caused the death of so many Biafrans in northern Nigeria.

Biafrans' lives do not matter in Nigeria, other African and European countries why? Because they know we do not have a country of our own, where our rights, our lives and investments will be duly protected. The last and most recent xenophobic attack on our people in South Africa is a case that has left a sad and everlasting memory in our subconscious as a people without a nation. The so-called Nigeria government did nothing to protect our people as our people are being mowed down in the streets of South Africa in a Gestapo style while back in Nigeria, the security operatives were busy shooting and arresting protesters who were protesting the extra judicial killing of their brothers and sisters in South Africa.

For our people to be protected from going into extinction which is actually the brain behind genocide committed against our people by Britain and her allies using their puppet Yakubu Gowon in 1967-1970 because of the rich oil deposits in Biafra land, we are in dire need of our nation BIAFRA, just the way we were before the European came to our holy land. We need a land where our lives will be meaningful. Now is the time. Biafra is now or never.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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