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Now, it is a manifested truth and completely obvious before everyone in Nigeria and those outside Nigeria that the 109 Nigerian senators and 360 House of Representatives Members put together are extremely useless to the Nigerian populace.

These men and women, that are monthly and yearly ripping off Nigerians of their monies in the name of law-making are not anything close to distinguished and honourable because they are unknowledgeable, naive, ignorant, unhelpful to Nigerians and unskilful in the act of law making.
They are useless because they are just so useless to Nigerians. It is glaring, patently obvious before all.

Dasuki and Sowore's case has again shown how unknowledgeable, ignorant, naive, unhelpful and unskilful those men and women in the National Assembly are.

How that the federal government of Nigeria arrested and illegally detained Dasuki for over 4 years despite several court orders to release him, but they refused. They detained Sowore for about 4 months, and also refused to release him against court orders.

Awesomely, not up to one week ago, it took only an A4 LETTER jointly signed by 4 US Senators and 2 US Congressmen and transmitted to Almajiri AGF, Malami to get them released. After reading the letter, immediately their brains, the brains of the Fulani cabals in Aso Rock were resetted and that simple LETTER caused the federal government of Nigeria currently ruled by Jubril from Sudan to reverse their evil position against Dasuki and Sowore, and ordered that they be released.

Funny enough, fear of Trump of the United States of America made the stiff-necked Nigerian presidency to include Dasuki as the letter did not even mention Dasuki in it. 😃😃.

This is what the OLODOS, ITIBORIBOS, SLEEPING, LAZY AND TIRED OLD MEN in the Nigerian National Assembly, the 109 Senators and 360 House of Representatives Members could not achieve for the past 4 years plus, and you say Nigeria is a country and should remain one. Tufiakwa! Biko gbufu asu. God forbids.

In a strong note, what this means is that there is no democracy in Nigeria. Jubril from Sudan as the president, with the Fulani cabal is the Executive, the Legislature and at the same time, the Judiciary.

By his tyrannical government, rule and activities in the past 4 years, e.g. to arrest, detain and convict at will etc, he has directly and indirectly assumed the responsibilities and duties of the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary in a supposed democracy.

Another strong lesson to learn from what happened in the past one week is that, the Fulani cabals are also AFRAID, AND CAN BE STOPPED. It's unfortunate that the Nigerians are docile and have allowed fear to grip them instead of doing something to stop these Fulani cabals from continuing and endlessly enslaving them in their land.

Come quickly oh Biafra!

Biafrans can never continue to be part of this contraption called Nigeria.

Written by:
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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