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One of the reasons Nigeria will never survive its current socio-economic problem and security challenges, can be found in the willingness of Nigeria leaders to do the right thing without considering their vested interests. Unfortunately, the slavish mentality engraved in the DNA of some people from different ethnic nationalities, fuelled by political cum religious barbarism, is another force driving the contraption; Nigeria out of the state of nirvana straight to the state of oblivion.

Many of the leaders will always like to impose their choice candidates against the wish and will of the people, in an attempt to protect their loot and their image from being maligned by a proactive government in future. In milieu of this, anointing of a choice candidate who must work in tandem with his intentions to formulate and implement policies that will favour him or his own people without giving a damn whether it is inimical to the total existence of the other people from other ethnic nationalities is the standard of operations in Nigeria. To achieve this, they will choose someone who obviously has skeletons in his cupboard; someone with a fraud charges, forged certificate, age falsification and past criminal records, so that it will be easy to pass through him or her when it is time "to play games with the godfathers", all these dents will be used as tools to blackmail their stooge or puppets in office.

It is on record that former president; Olusegun Obasanjo during his regime that spanned up to eight years, made use of four Senate presidents; Adolphus Nwagbara, Evan Enwerem, Chuba Okadigbo and Dr. Ken Nnamani. As a Senate president, Adolphus Nwagbara was removed because of fraud charges, a case he had as former Education minister, Evan Enwerem was removed as Senate president on issues bothering on age falsification, not minding that he was given certificate by INEC even when his case was still with the election petition tribunal with the real winner of his senatorial zone election. Only Chuba Okadigbo and Dr. Ken Nnamdi had clean records, so there was no way they could be blackmailed out of office. Okadigbo stood his ground against the dictatorial tendencies of the executive, at a point, he smuggled the symbol of authority of national assembly to his home town, although he lost his life as Senate President but Oyi of Oyi as he was fondly called was a real democrat.  Ken Nnamani was instrumental to the  clamping of the wings of the over ambitious  President Olusegun Obasanjo  who wanted to extend his tenure against  the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, Ken was able to achieve that by ruling against voice vote on the floor of the Senate, for or against the third term bid of the president by opting  for voting process a  that includes normal counting of votes, and to be transmitted live on the National Television.

The former Finance minister in this APC regime; Kemi Adeosun was removed unceremoniously on issues bothering on fake NYSC discharge certificate, I hope you have not forgotten Salisu Buhari, the former leader of the house of representatives who was removed over his fake Toronto University of Canada certificate. I strongly believe someone may not have not done his job very well verify the records and credentials of these people or they may have been chosen by the cabals irrespective of their shortcomings, so as to be used or be blackmailed out of office should they fail to play the game with their boss, one good turn they say deserves another.

Now coming back to Imo State, Mr. Hope Uzodinma did not win the election, the results are there for you to check, the accredited voters are less than the total vote cast, there is  also an alleged case of fraud linked to him, now with the above illustrations, knowing that his purported victory is hanging on a pendulum just like a gift from the marine spirit,  the question now is,  will he serve Imolites faithfully and dutifully or will he give his loyalty to those who have made him the governor of Imo  state against all odds? Any attempt to go against his boss and sponsors will see him out of the government house.

In the case of Chris Nwabueze Ngige versus Peter Obi, all that was needed for President Obasanjo to remove him for insubordination to his sponsors was just for an INEC staff to come to the High Court Enugu and present a statement as a witness, that they the umpire in electoral matters; INEC rigged the election result that produced Dr. Chris Nwabueze  Ngige as a governor of Anambra State that's all, case closed, and both the INEC officials and the entire jury smiled to the banks.

Time to dismember the contraption is now, before another humanitarian crises will be witnessed globally, because of the ulterior motives of the wicked African leaders, religious extremists and ethnic bigots.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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