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There is nothing that exposes, or betrays, or typifies the exhaustion of a contestant in a fight, or even prizable wrestling in the village square, as when a highly rated contestant, albeit, a favourite, begins to throw sand at the opponent. At that point, the exhausted contestant is indirectly saying "I am totally exhausted. I am about fainting. If you don't separate this fight now, be ready for a funeral".

The above scenario can be said to be applicable in the present case of Nigeria, vis a vis Biafra, in all their futile efforts to whittle, negate, dampen, douse, or extinguish the diplomatic offensive and fiery media onslaught against Nigeria, and their owners, the predatory Britain, by the dedicated team of seasoned diplomats and uncompromising writers, trained, guided, and led by the indefatigable Supreme Leader of the Biafran nation, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the greatest leader to have emerged from the contemporary African continent.

Apart from the fact that Britain used the near monopolistic exclusivity of the lair-ological BBC to conceal the humongous genocidal massacre of Biafrans in the "60s, Britain has been using the same BBC to conceal every form of atrocity meted against Biafrans by Britain, through their proxy Nigeria, for over a century, just to ensure that their stranglehold on the Biafran OIL AND GAS, which they confiscated after murdering over 6 million Biafrans, remains secured.

Britain has therefore been doing everything within her brows, including even the unimaginable, to ensure that Biafra does not emerge, so that first, Britain will retain her free access to the Biafran OIL AND GAS, which she has been using the cover of one Nigeria to steal, and secondly, that Biafra (or no other country for that matter), will not hold her (Britain) to account, for all the heinous crimes that Britain has used Nigeria to commit against Biafrans particularly, and humanity generally.

When the Biafra restoration quest was at the stage of infancy, Britain thought that it was something that could be extinguished with mere acts of intimidation and stampede. That was why Britain, on behalf of their toxic and fraudulently concocted contraption and criminal enterprise called Nigeria, went as far as buying off the satellite providers that were carrying the Radio Biafra signal called Amos 6, with a mind blowing amount of money (Twenty Billion Naira precisely), which is more than the annual budget of many African countries. Needless to recount that after that criminal and desperate act of misadventure, Amos 6 got lost in the space.

Is the world not aware that Britain, on behalf of Nigeria, has been spending hard-to-mention amounts of money on the fabricators of evil and mendacious propaganda that are euphemistically called lobbyists and consultants, whose duty is to counter every information about Nigerian government atrocities, as communicated to the world by Biafrans?

Very recently, before the death of the nepotistic Islamic bigot called Muhammadu Buhari, foisted on Nigeria by the parasitic Britain, for the protection of their criminal exploitation of Biafra, under the cover of one Nigeria, Britain invited Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, to Nigeria, under the guise of Nigerian government, and heavily induced him monetarily, to reduce, or minimize, or possibly extinguish the visibility of Biafra and Biafrans on the internet platform known as Facebook.

In the euphoria and excitement of the heavy monetary inducement (bribery), which Britain facilitated in favour of Zuckerberg on behalf of Nigeria, Zuckerberg went ahead to block many Biafra related pages from Facebook to the point that even the official Radio Biafra page was removed/blocked, and could not be accessed by almost nobody.
Likewise, many Biafran group pages were almost removed from Facebook or drastically reduced to the point that despite all the people joining those groups, the number of people following those pages has been pegged so as not to exceed certain insignificant numbers.

However, it was while Zuckerberg was in Nigeria smearing himself in the mud of Nigeria's blood money that Chukwu Okike Abiama (the God of heaven), drew his ears, and he was once again jolted to consciousness. (His satellite caught fire as it was being launched). This must have compelled him to reinstate/restore most of the Biafra related pages he had removed or blocked. However, he did not fully restore them as the visibility of many Biafra related pages and the walls of many Biafrans are still systematically LIMITED to certain level of accessibility.

One of the worst disgraceful acts of desperation and shame, which Britain committed in their confusion and frustration in their bid to "clip the wings of the ubiquitous Biafrans" was the introduction of the BBC IGBO, in Nigeria.

From the first day of the introduction of BBC IGBO by the exploitative Britain to Nigeria, it was clear that the terms of reference given to the so called BBC IGBO was to counter the overwhelming and suffocating barrage of incontrovertible/indisputable evidence of British complicity in the perpetuation and sustenance of criminal arena called Nigeria, as well as to put a wedge in the elegant march of the enigmatic Radio Biafra London. This assignment the BBC IGBO went all out to execute with gusto and confidence. However, BBC soon found out that the times have changed, as all their subtility was exposed and neutralized, by the ever patriotic, diligent and dedicated team of Biafran media warriors and volunteers.

Do not forget that before all these, Britain, through their proxy, the gangsterous Nigerian government, led by Abba Kyari and Mamman Daura, had mandated, commanded, arm twisted, and prohibited the local Nigeria media, known as Oluwole Yoruba Lagos Ibadan expressway brown envelope gutter media, from carrying, publicizing, or aiding the spread of any Biafra-related news. If any news about Biafra should feature in the media at all, it must be a smear campaign against the Supreme Leader of the Biafrans, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, or Biafrans generally, or the Biafra restoration project. Soon, equally, they saw the vanity and futility of their delusion, with regards to "crippling the Biafra restoration project through media blackout".

It equally goes without saying, that because of near inexhaustible resources, stemming from the confiscated Biafra's OIL AND GAS available to Britain, through Nigeria, Britain, in the cloud of Nigeria, went around the whole world, monetarily inducing most of the orthodox media houses heavily, thereby obtaining an unwritten agreement about their cooperation in blacking out Biafra, Biafrans, and Biafra restoration project news-wise. Have you ever wondered why, in spite of the fact that any meaningful news or issues being discussed in any diplomatic or governmental quarters must be about Biafra, you can never hear Biafra discussed on the Fake News Group, or, as the Great President Trump them, the LAMESTREAM MEDIA, like @CNN, BBC, AFP, Aljazeera, France 24, and the rest of the media predators, who would rather sell their conscience for filthy and putrefying crumbs, than feed the world with the truth?

When Britain saw the resounding failure that all these dance of shame and the desperation of a sinking man, which they designed to "clip the wings of Biafrans, and the Biafran restoration project" has become, Britain, with their evil creation called Nigeria, further descended into the shameful, demeaning, ludicrous, distasteful, abysmal, and embarrassing level of using the backdoor to achieve what she could not achieve through the front door.

When Britain saw the fruitlessness, or the futility, or the impactlessness of all her subtle, covert, overt, crafty, and impudent attempts to truncate or whittle the choking and suffocating impact of the Biafra restoration project, Britain now brought out what she considered her JOKER, that is, the Master Card, that must be the ultimate solution to the "Biafran madness".

What did Britain do? Britain claimed to have hired "a reputable international media organization, to verify, ascertain, and authenticate (or otherwise) the news of the progress of the restoration efforts, as well as the atrocious, heinous misdeeds of Britain and Nigeria, churned out by Biafrans, against the criminal entity called Nigeria, together with her owner, the predatory Britain.

Which "reputable" organization did Britain hire?
C4 NEWS FACT CHECK. Who is C4 News Fact Check? A company secretly established by the British government, with a pseudonym, to conceal British government's hand of Esau and the voice of Jacob in the so-called company.

Just like Britain thought that establishing the lair-ological BBC IGBO was going to divert the attention of Biafrans, so as to enable Britain do her Devil's advocacy, the aim of establishing this so called Fact Check was to present it as a platform for negating, or presenting as disreputable, every damning exposure made by the Biafrans, against Nigeria, together, of course, with British complicity. To expand the tentacles of this dubious organization, Britain also established the African franchisee of the same Fact Check, with the name African Fact Check, to make it appear as though these organizations were independent of each other (but they are one and same thing).

When Britain saw that this undercover agency could not withstand nor curtail the fiery and relentless determination of Biafrans to feed the world with, by way of exposing, the evils of Britain and Nigeria, Britain threw every caution to the wind by going into open alliance with AFP (of France).

The AFP was/is to claim to have checked the news released by Biafrans, and certify them as falsehood. When they are certified as falsehood, not only that it is aimed at presenting Biafrans as propagandists, thereby lacking in integrity, but those that shared all such news which have been declared false will be penalized in various ways, including suspension, limited visibility, or total removal from Facebook.

Because this punishment would equally affect those who as little as share such news that are "certified" to be false, Nigerian government went about opening various pages and walls with Biafran names, using them to churn out outrageous, propagandist, and mendacious information, claiming same to be from Biafran leadership.

Many people who did not know this trick of Britain and Nigeria fell into their trap before they were alerted. So, this scheme has since died, almost as soon as it was birthed.

It can therefore be inferred, or deduced, if not outrightly concluded, that the relentless diplomatic offensive of the Supreme Leader of the Biafran nation, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, together with his able assistants, coupled with the constantly intensifying media fireworks of the ever patriotic Biafran media warriors and volunteers, have been suffocating, strangulating, if not asphyxiating the representative of Satan here on earth, that is the exploitative and parasitic Britain, as well as their evil, toxic, criminal, and fraudulently concocted contraption, which can best be described as a disguised graveyard, called Nigeria.

To stem this tide, Britain, hiding behind Nigeria, has invented and implemented every counter strategy, as enumerated above, all to no avail. One thing that should have been clear to Britain by now is that having seen that all their efforts to extinguish the fire of the Biafran restoration process have all failed woefully, and that the Biafran restoration project is gaining momentum by the day, it would not have been difficult for them to conclude that the project is divine, (though Britain does not know God again. Psalm 14:1), and would have joined forces with all the progressive elements of the world, to accelerate the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra. If not, the depth of the calamitous and cataclysmic catastrophe that will befall Britain will make Pharaoh, as well as Sodom and Gomorrah blush with gratitude.

Ka Chukwu Okike Abiama gọzie Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, gozikwa Biafra, na ndị Biafra niile.

Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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