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If I may ask, in the light of both past and present events, do we have anyone still arguing with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on his constant raising of red flag on who actually is in Aso Rock? Jubril Aminu Al-Sudanni and not the General Muhammadu Buhari that y'all saw emerged as the President of Nigeria way back 2015?

C'mmon people, some of you may detest that young revolutionist's modus operandi, but y'all can't deny the fact that 100 percent of all the things he had said and is saying is nothing but irrefutable realities. So why the hate?

Having seen how un-useful, bigoted and insensitive this present man in Aso Rock parading as your President has been and still is, what other evidences are you craving for in order to convince yourself that Buhari is dead and gone and through the contracting services of some Northern Feudal Lord's, a Sudanese man had to be hired by them to play the role of the late Buhari.

At this critical time, all the countries ravaged by this pandemic, their presidents have been hosting press briefings everyday updating their subjects on what to do and what not. Even the Prime Minister of United Kingdom Boris Johnson after testing positive to COVID-19, had to make it official and promised to give his people live updates via live video. But where on earth sake is the man in Aso Rock masquerading as your President Buhari? Where he at?

As delusional and shortsighted Femi AdeSINa is, he had the temerity to go to a national television to tell a country of more than 200 million people that the reason why Buhari has refused to address Nigerians is because that's not his style of doing things. Ain't that puke-inducing statement? That a man making use of your tax monies owes you no explanations? What are they hiding? What's the big deal him coming out to tell Nigerians that he has tested positive to COVID-19? Do you know that it'd be highly doubtful should Jubril-Buhari tell us that he is COVID-19 negative because he's no doubt one the most touring president ever and that has earned him a big place in the heart of Covic-One-Nine Firus ops! My bad.. I was meaning to say COVID-19 Virus.

Let me tell you, it's not entirely wrong for someone to be an underminer, but in a situation where those things you're undermining turns out to be true and you're still in doubt, it simply means that your sadistical nature wasn't contracted but an inbred one. Simply put, you're a born SADISTS and if you ain't mindful, you're headed for the rocks.

Pardon my pessimism, but the past and present events in Nigeria have proven that Nigeria has no future. Nigeria is an existential threat to us all if we keep pushing for her existence, then we are some packs of irredeemable house negros. Inasmuch as Nigeria still exists, call me a pessimist, I will gladly oblige.

Biko, let go of that your unsolicited detest for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. That selfless man is NOT your problem and would NEVER be. In fact, he loves you more than his life and would do anything humanly possible just to make sure you and that of your generations to come live a fulfilled life void of ethnic/religious cleansing. Leave him alone and face the people responsible for your sufferings. Kanu has been through a lot for your sake. Because of you, he's now an orphan. Imagine how traumatic that can be, loosing your parents just other people's sake yet he's still resilient with no thought of capitulation. My dear he needs your support in order for us to defeat this scions of Uthman Dan Fodio. Enough of the quota system already! They have got to be relegated.

Thank you!
Come quickly oh Biafra!


Written by:
Mazi Victor Uzoaganaobi,
[TBRV Writer]
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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