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Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

The EFCC Boss; the Economic and Financial Crime Commission boss was right. Few weeks ago, it was alleged that he attributed the corona virus epidemic as a result of corruption.  According to him, this deadly virus was created by people who wanted to destroy other people. Without providing any empirical or any bio-scientific evidence to substantiate his claim, I think Magu is right. That's my opinion and I think I am entitled to my own opinion.

I think the monster; corruption had really dealt with us as Africans. It was the anti-corruption choruses sang by the ruling party in Nigeria; APC, during their campaign that attracted the people's sympathy on them.  Let us take a cursory look at the result of corruption in the geographical entity or contraption called Nigeria.

It was because of corruption that the Northern and Southern protectorate was amalgamated against the wish of the people, giving birth to worst concentration camp ever created in human story; Nigeria (Nigga Area) a hate name indeed, all for the British economic interest.

Corruption has made the judiciary the woes of the common man where people's mandate is stolen by the Supreme court and given to another in the spirit of comradeship.

Corruption has made the police and military checkpoint mere business centres where POS is being used by security operatives to extort money from motorists. Corruption has forced Nigerians to pay estimated bills without seeing light in their residence. Corruption has turned Nigeria to borrow government without meaningful development to show for the borrowed funds.

It was corruption that made Nigeria, to swear in a man with a missing school certificate, as the President of the country as against the constitutional provision for minimum requirement for someone vying for the office of the president.

It was because of corruption that Nigerians were told that their president will be working from his home because of rodents that invaded the office of the president in Aso rock. It was because of corruption that snake made away with 36 Million naira here in Nigeria.

It was corruption that made the arrested Boko haram members to be treated as heroes while their victim lives in IDP camp as refugees with little to eat. It was corruption that made Nigeria to handover all her security apparatus to only one ethnic group; the Fulanis in Nigeria.

It was corruption that made USA to place a travel ban on Nigeria. It was corruption that made the Northern Nigeria, the home of the world recognized terrorist organizations; the Fulani Herdsmen, the ISWA, Miyetti Allah and Boko haram.

It was corruption that made executives arm of government in Nigeria the sole interpreters of the law, choosing which law to obey and which to disobey after a ruling by court of competent jurisdiction.

It was corruption in Nigeria that raised the status of Fulani people to the level of the "untouchable" in Nigeria. It was corruption that made the issue of identity crises of the President of Nigeria, a
global issue, even as the president has never come out to debunk the claim that Buhari is dead and being replaced by Jubril Al Sudani.

It was corruption that made Nigeria a terrorist state and even opened her borders without visas to terrorists from other Arabs countries in Africa. It was corruption that created the administrative brouhaha between Abba Kyari and Ali Monguno on usurpation of power of the President.

It was corruption that made Nigeria to retain her service chiefs even when it is obvious they have failed in their responsibility of providing security for her citizens. Corruption has made the life of cattle more sacred than the life of human beings in Nigeria.

Corruption has made some people to think they can invade, conquer and impose their religion and their ways of life on other people in this 21st century, just because their kinsman is in power. Corruption has made Nigeria to place a Sharia court judge to head the judiciary in a country that professes total adherence to a circular constitution as a circular state. A question as to whether the current APC government is winning the war against corruption is left for you the reader to judge and decide for yourself.

Corruption has eaten what is left of Nigeria by the cry of innocent lives being slaughtered on daily basis on the altar of ethnic cum religious idiosyncrasies. The killing and the cry of the innocent has reached the crescendo and has triggered a new tune; the cry for freedom, Freedom to all the indigenous communities in this British contraption. This is our message, Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! The message of IPOB and all men and women of good will.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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