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April 26 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

A very brief story about what happened last week.

Chibuzọ is a Biafran from Imo. He is a manager of a firm. He is very friendly to his staff that they can have conversations on almost anything.

Once upon a day, the issue of Biafra came up. Two ladies, Jane and Kate were discussing this with Chibuzọ. Jane who is from Ika didn't even want to hear that word "Biafra" mentioned so did Kate from Kalabari.

Chibuzọ was disappointed with Jane who is from Ika for holding such view. He queried Jane to ascertain if she knows the origin of the genocide that birthed Biafra, she was clueless. He asked her if she knew about the Nzeogwu coup, she has never heard that name before so did Kate.

The guy didn't know where to start from because he hasn't even digested the shock of two graduates who are from the old Eastern region not knowing anything about the first coup, the counter coup and the corresponding genocide that led the people of the East, (their own people) to declare their own country where they will be safe, before Jane started claiming that Igbo people just dey disturb people with their useless country.

All the attempts Chibuzọ made to make Jane understand that it was his brother Nzeogwu that triggered the whole thing fell on deaf ears. She always countered Chibuzọ with sayings that all that he spits are the gibberish coming from Kanu. He asked her if she knows she is Igbo, she denied saying that she is from Bini. He inquired for her native name, she said it is Ifeoma, he asked for the meaning, she said it is "a good thing" he asked if it is a Bini word and a Bini meaning, she couldn't answer. By now her anger was rising. Nothing hurts like when you don't have answers in an argument especially when it is even about your origin.

As this conversation was going on, Kate the Kalabari girl was just listening and making subtle interjections. Her own cluelessness was divine. She never even knew that her people were part of the old Eastern region. She always felt that anything that had East attached must have to do with Igbo people only. She doesn't even know that according to the Nigerian map, that Cross River is more Southeastern than all the five so-called Southeastern states. She doesn't know that it is only in Nigeria that a cardinal point South-South was ever created, she never knew that South cannot be South-er than South. It is just south or Eastern and western part of a south. Why didn't they create North-north?

Chibuzọ was schooling Kate and Jane. The type of schooling no one can get in schools. These girls had smartphones but he wonders what they use it for. Shouldn't people get smarter with smartphones? Google is always at our call, why are they not verifying what he has been saying? What sort of humans exist here? Why are people here aversed to knowledge?

Kate from Kalabari concluded that Jane from Ika should be allowed to choose anywhere as her origin. She turned to Jane, "Jane, where are you from?" Bini, she replied. "OK I agree with you and I respect your choice". Maybe all these was to spite Chibuzọ.

Few months later, Corona came in all its glory. Business wasn't doing well; their company was also hit. The MD of the company had a meeting with the senior managers and they agreed that they have to downsize. Most of the workers earning much would be given service on hold.

Chibuzọ who is the manager, was given the order to submit some names according to how much they earned. Kate from Kalabari earned more than Jane from Ika. So, Kate was selected for the knifing.

When Kate received her letter, she went straight to Chibuzọ's office with a heavy heart and loaded words. Coincidentally, Jane was in the office also. Kate accused the manager, Chibuzọ of being tribalistic in his choice. Other tantrums rained but her emphasis was more on tribe. Jane was there, confused.

When Kate left, Jane asked Chibuzọ what she meant by you being tribal. Chibuzọ replied, did you ever think that that day that you said you are from Bini that she agreed with you?

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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