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April 20 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

The ambition of some kleptomaniacs and ruthless people to conquer the world and force a one world government or what we know today in our world as NEW WORLD ORDER down our throat, did not start today. Oldest documented evidence in the scripture of a one world government can be seen in the book of Genesis Chapter Genesis 11:4

Then they said, "Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth."

This was the same new world order; one world government which the advanced countries are arrogantly propagating.

Empires had risen and fallen as documented by Historians like Flavius Josephus who lived in first century. We had Empires who were ruled by Emperors who ruled almost the whole world, such as Babylon Empire, Persia Empire, Greeks Empire, Roman Empire just to mention but a few.

Where we read in the Book of Genesis chapter 11:4, we saw a people whose idea of an ideal world was; a world with a sizeable population which would be managed by few individuals they presumed were the enlightened ones, the Aristocrats. Let examine their intentions and see whether they had any connection or connotation with what the modern-day Aristocrats envisaged of our world.

1. In our passage we saw a people who were living with the fear of the deluge; the flood that destroyed a whole generation of people living in the world, as a punishment for their disobedience to the warning given by Elohim, through an old fashioned, hyper religious man called Noah. So only Noah’s family members, in-law, some clean and unclean animals were saved by gaining entrance into the Ark. The Ark was a typology of Yahshua the ark of salvation.

2. We saw a people who wanted  to build a Tower that would  reach to heaven in case there is another deluge, they will all run into the Tower and be saved since the tower will reach to heaven, it would  be difficult for the flood to get to God who lives  in heaven, that  would be suicidal of Him to allow the flood to get to heaven : as they imagined .  A people who want their own fashioned way and solution out of an imminent danger, without seeking the help of Elohim as Saviour and Deliverer.

3. We saw a people who were against expansion and its attendant effect of population increase, as against" increase and multiply”, which was among the first injunctions given to the first man and his wife. 

4. We saw a people who were afraid of losing the people to migration which will certainly affect their economic interest should they lose the political control of the people.

5.We saw a people who had no regard to a higher authority; a Supreme being, the only Giver of life and the only Supreme Judge of the dead and the living. They did not believe in the covenant the Elohim made with Noah: that the world will not be destroyed again with flood with the sign of a rainbow.

6. We saw a people who refused to learn from history; the mistakes of the people that lived before them. Now let's see the so-called enlightened ones of this generation and their own perception, ideologies and permutations concerning our world.

1. The Bill Gate of this world believe there is an impending doom about to encapsulate the world as they make reference to other epidemics in the past, with Bill Gate’s wife foreseeing Millions of dead people in Africa. They also see the world as populated by people who are archaic in their behaviour and need to be intimidated to cue in to the ideals of a new scientific age, such as implanting of microchips inside our bodies with digital certification that one has been vaccinated and is protected.

2. Bill Gate and his one world government Apostles do not believe in Elohim (God) or that He has solution to every of our problems. He believes so much in the potency of his Vaccine, so, Churches and all establishments should remain closed down until everyone is vaccinated.

3 Bill Gate and his cohorts believe the world is over populated and should be depopulated. In India, his foundation was accused of crippling over 1 Million children after they were inoculated with Anti Polio Vaccines.

4.These enlightened agents of Satan do not believe in the Supreme being, they believe they have right to decides who shall live, how they shall live, when they shall live, where they shall live and how many people shall live in the world. But these are the exclusive rights of Elohim the Creator, not man.

5. Bill Gate and his groups are Billionaires who love money above human beings. How come Bill Gate already have the Vaccine almost before we got to know about the COVID 19?  How come he is preaching to people to accept the Vaccine more than the Certified Medical Directors of this age? Imagine what will happen if the world rejects his Vaccine with all the Billions of Dollar he invested in it?  people will die? No. that is the propaganda, the truth is; he will lose Billions of Dollars invested in the making of the vaccines.

Like Nebuchadnezzar who failed to recognise the Supreme authority of Elohim, who gave him all the kingdoms of this world to rule, they will be humbled this time, albeit in a hard way like Nebuchadnezzar for taking the glory due to Elohim and for having a plan that runs parallel and quite inimical to His perfect will for man.

Adolf Hitler with his Nazism tried to assume the role of Elohim (God) by deciding which race will be destroyed and which race will be preserved, today he is history. I was amused seeing a post where an individual in the name of Bill Gate was issuing a press statement to the whole world in a Gestapo movie style; that the whole world will remain locked down until everyone is vaccinated, as if he is some kind of Doctor of the world, Emperor of the world, a demi god or an illegal alien from outer space. That is an arrogance of fame, wealth and affluence which we as a people have to begin now to resist before we are completely destroyed.

As Biafrans we are ancient people and we hold life in high esteem, we are people of the book, and we believe so much in the supreme being Chukwu Okike "The almighty creator “that from Him comes our help in times like this, when the world is at the verge of total annihilation by weapons of death created by agents of destruction.

In my language we say ‘Madu aburo Chukwu’; (man is not God.). The first phrase of English Bible is enough for man to know his limits

Genesis 1:1(" In the beginning Elohim (God) created the heaven and the earth" )

He alone will destroy the imaginations of the wicked, let's continue to trust in Him, and get ready to reject their vaccine.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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