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April 10 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

“If there is anything we must learn from this COVID-19 pandemic, it is this: that humanity is always vulnerable to infinitesimal entities and unprecedented happenings irrespective of wealth, power, class and lifestyle. And our vulnerability is always revealed by time.” ~ Chukwuezugo J. Uduorji 20/03/2020.

This rain of pandemic which has kept the world on a halt for quite a while now will certainly pass away and very many people will pass on with it. Already, many people have died of this disease. Even as I write this piece now, many are dying and many more will also die in the coming days if not weeks. This is not to make you worry or feel bad but to let you know the realities and possibly put you on alert. And if I should give you any sense of hope, then I would say that very many people, you inclusive I pray, will survive and triumph over this dilemma. But that hope will be a false hope if I fail to tell you what is likely going to follow that triumph, and that is what I call “the inevitable reactions.”

However, let us look at the opening statement of this article before we proceed any further. In every problem, in every process, in every success, in every intent, in every turmoil and in every action – advertent or inadvertent, there are lessons which, if we allow our humanity to evolve upon such incidents, can be derived and acquire in order to form a better version of our beings. This is the only thing that makes us human: ability to critically and analytically look at issues and derive knowledge from them and subsequently avoid humanly avoidable damages resulting from the same or similar issues. But this sense of humanity seems to be deleted among some people, especially those who feel that they are untouchable. Those who feel that because of their class, or wealth, or power, or even lifestyle, they are beyond certain concerns. This may be true when you look at some societal structures/settings in some places around the world, but when you consider the natural settings of the universe, you will quite agree with me that nature has a way of putting everyone on the same line. This is very deep, and not on the periphery. For example, have you considered what happens when there is a fire hazard in one big corporate organization? Or have you thought of what happens when a coastal city is threatened by flood or tsunami? The natural instinct of safety in humans will be automatically activated and everyone will seek safety. At that point, nobody cares about cars, or mansions, or any other beautiful enabler of life. Everyone falls on the line of safety!

I have taken time to look at some of the things that affect humanity in a very bad way. And so, I decided to look at the small and very tiny entities, not the gigantic ones, but the very tiny ones. Look at misquotes (anopheles) that give us plasmodium which later yield malaria. This entity is very small, too small that we cannot see it with our bare eyes without the aid of a microscope. Yet this small entity will get into the body system and initiate a disruptive action against the body. Had the human body not been so robust with different chains of mechanistic defense against these entities, perhaps we would be dying off like flies.

Of all the microbial entities that affect humans, viruses are the tiniest. They are so tiny that a special kind of microscope called electron microscope is required to view them. Yet this very infinitesimal entity, today, is holding the entire world of over seven billion people down. This tiny beast has shutdown cities, churches and businesses across the globe. It has pursued us into hiding, we no longer work from our offices again rather we work from our homes. Everybody is afraid of it. It does not matter your class. In fact, this tiny beast is classless. Because it started dealing with the people we could say they are the top class in the society. Those in governments, opinion-molders, decision makers, business men and women, those with the fortunes of touring around the world from time to time, those whose vacations are spent in foreign countries and those whose kids school overseas where quality and sound education is obtainable. They are the ones that have first-hand taste of this beast before the common man on the street. And because these infinitesimal entities and unprecedented happenings are ubiquitous, meaning that they are everywhere, we cannot run away from them. We all are vulnerable and it is only time that reveals our vulnerability. Back to the focus of this piece.

COVID-19 pandemic has come and certainly, like I said earlier, it will go just like very many others that came before it. But I can assure you that things will not remain the same again, locally and globally.

There would be a robust collaborative system of inquiry, call it investigation if you like, to know if what “stole life from us in a broad day light” was natural or man-made. International panel of investigative inquiry will be set up to find out what caused COVID-19. I know Bill Gates gave a TEDx talk in 2015 where he pretty much predicted what is happening right now. But, just like Trevor Noah asked, few days ago, in an interview with Bill Gates, “was that talk a mere prediction or…?” How come Bill Gates knows very much about this happening and even pushes further to have the solution to it?

China has raised tensions amongst the global community over their likelihood to know more about the origin of this virus by their deliberate attempts to force this dreaded disease on other countries through sending contaminated medical supplies. Currently, the abuse of African indigenes resident in China is another strong factor that shows a deliberate wicked attempt to force death on the people. These and many more will come to the fore at the wane of this episodic virus, and I can assure you, again, things will not be the same anymore.

There is likelihood of global recession immediately after the wane of COVID-19. This concern has been expressed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and there is no doubt about it. When you look at the Global Value Chains (GVC) as we speak today, and its imparts on job creation, you will appreciate very conscientiously what we are getting into. Oil price has dropped drastically because there is no production. And because there are no production people have lost their jobs. And because people have lost their jobs there is hunger in the land. And when people are hungry they become angry. And when people’s anger mixes with hunger the people become restive and aggressive.

In countries with resounding civility and good governance, the governments will step in to ameliorate the pains of the people by establishing stimulus packages for the people (just as we have already seen in some countries) until they find their feet again. Most governments will do this because they were able to save for the rainy days. And of course, the imparts of the recession will not be heavily pronounced on them.

Countries that have long history of “snakes swallowing their monies” and “burning of treasury’s offices” may not recover from what is to come. These countries with underlined story of looting, mismanagement/diversion of funds; and exaltation of primitivity and ineptitude in governance, which these rainy days of COVID-19 has laid bare before the world, may not contain the anger of the people. When the aggressive and restive people in these countries start confronting their leaders, seeking answers to multiple questions that hunger and aggression had forced them to ask, their leaders may not provide them with satisfying answers. Then, the momentous experience of the Nuremberg-New-Yam-Festival of one African Senator would be a child’s play to what would be seen. There would be rain of bullets on the people as it is customary with these countries in dealing with issues like this. But the people would either choose to die by bullets or to be swallowed up by hunger and hopelessness.

And in that very process, the people will decide where to go and the hegemonic empire of primitivity, ineptitude and deception will completely collapse.

Written by:
Chukwuezugo J. Uduorji
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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