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April 20 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice 

Only a mad dog attacks the owner, out of its mental imbalance.

There is this official gangsterism that I noticed in the life of Nigerians, whenever they are adorned with police, paramilitary, or military uniforms, even ordinary community vigilantes are part of this abnormality. There is this "I pass my neighbour attitude" being displayed by these men and women once they put on their official uniforms.

They tend to display this slave masters' attitude, behaving, with the feeling of the ones; who are above the law. You can even hear them saying it audibly “I will shoot you and nothing will happen" and of a truth nothing will happen, because this is Nigeria, a union created by man without respect to the conscience tradition, religion and culture of indigenous communities.

Since the sit at home order imposed by the government of various countries including Nigeria, many people have lost their lives in the hands of Nigeria police and military, in fact the number of those killed by these angels of death in uniform surpasses the ones killed by corona virus; COVID 19 so far in Nigeria.

In other parts of the world, the police, the army at this critical time, render humanitarian services to their countrymen, the police and the para- military organizations engage themselves in social services like assisting the populace during fire disasters, earthquakes, flood menace and assisting the people by providing primary and secondary health care services when there is an epidemic but that is contrary to what we see in Nigeria.

But before now in Nigeria, shooting of innocent civilians by the Nigeria police and army on daily basis has become a norm. The fear of those in uniform is the beginning of wisdom to motorists on our high ways, as many have lost their lives in the hands of these armed trigger happy extortioners on our high ways.

Why is there so much wickedness in Nigeria? Why do security personnel see it as a mark of bravery when they manhandle and shoot innocent citizens recklessly?

1. Colonial Hangover:

I think we can trace this brutal attitude of the security agents to the colonial era, when the colonial masters created African brand of police force, to intimidate, brutalize and subdue the masses into submission. After the colonial era, the police and military continued with such brutality against their fellow countrymen.

2. The Repugnant Military Rule:

We can also trace the police and military brutality back to convoluted years of military rule in Nigeria, when the military high handedness was the order of the day, in their bid to intimidate, consolidate and legitimize their stolen mandate through coup, and civilians were made to bear the brunt of a brutal military.  After the military rule, some men and women in uniform continued with such animalistic behaviour, brutalizing their own people with impunity.

3. Ethnic and religious bigotry:

The excesses of ethnic and religious bigots occupying the political landscape is a major reason why we have so many cases of police and military brutality in our society. When some police officers are on duty, they tend to see the citizens of other ethnic nationalities as lesser beings, infidels and animals, with these bad feelings, they will not hesitate to pull the trigger at any slight or no provocation on their victims and still enjoys the protection of their boss who will even recommend them for promotion for killing many infidels. It is no more a secret that during Sani Abacha regime, security agents were used to assassinate some perceived enemy of the head of state.

4. Effect of drug or Alcohol:

Some of the security agents are drug addicts and alcoholics, and when you armed a person whose sense of judgement is being impaired by the negative effect of drug and alcohol, what do you expect from one who is not in his or her right sense? Your guess is as good as mine.

5. The failure of criminal justice system in Nigeria:

Majority of the military and police officer that were involved in extra judicial killing of innocent people are still walking about freely, the only thing the authorities normally do to deceive the gullible public is to issue a press statement that they have arrested the culprit, only to transfer the culprit to another state where he will continue with his criminality, well emboldened this time.

How many of you still remember "Apo 6 killing"? Few years, ago 6 Igbo traders who were coming back from a night club in Abuja and they were all shot dead by police officers, just few years after the end of the legal battle for justice. someone identified and posted the picture of one of the police officers who were involved in the killing as among the newly promoted police officers in Nigeria.

No wonder the masses have decided to take their destiny in their hands as a sign of the failure of leadership, a collapsed judiciary, and an affirmation of a nonexistence spirit of nationhood, which our leaders hypocritically profess during electioneering campaign with deafening body language.

The youth of the Northern part of Nigeria were the first to recognize a failed state, that is why you cannot shoot anyone in their region and go without reprisal attack by the youth, be you police or army. since they that justice is not accessible in our law court. This has really taught those trigger-happy police and military officers to admonish themselves whenever posted to the Northern part of Nigeria.

With the current security challenges; the Fulani herdsmen attacks , the insurgents in North East, the high rate of corruption with burning of  public infrastructures  with the intention to destroy the implicating documented  evidence,  the lopsidedness in distribution of COVID 19 palliatives, the police brutality and extra judicial killing  of civilians by police and military, the Nigeria president's identity crisis which has become a global issue, I see the country Nigeria heading to a total collapse albeit with a looming danger of  major humanitarian crisis, because the  people no longer have trust in their elected officials and  representatives . Many politicians cannot even travel to their constituency without being molested and assaulted, that is why most of them are taking refuge in hotels in Abuja.

The only thing that can save this distrust is total disintegration of the contraption. I think this is the time for the people to decide what they really want.

The much talked about Nigeria unity has been proved by the events of the recent time as mere text book theory and a guise by some greedy hawks to loot government’s treasury dry without anyone blinking an eye.

We have come to the end of the road. 

Biafra freedom is now or never.

Written by:
Obi Emma
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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