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May 24 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

In one of the posts made by the indefatigable and charismatic Supreme Leader of the Biafran nation, Lord Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, where he posted and highlighted prominent features and issues on the two pictures of #BuhariDoppelgänger and #HoleInBuhariNeck, one Oluwale chameleon, Atoyebi Oladimeji, who clearly showed his disdain, trauma, and nightmare for the names Biafra and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, responded by chiding our leader, saying that our leader could see as many holes as he liked in Buhari's neck. But "as far as the Yoruba is concerned, there is no hole in Buhari's neck".
It is therefore, on the basis of the fact that the Yoruba does not see any hole in Buhari's neck, that these few references are made.

Will it surprise anyone to know that the Yoruba does not see the hole in Buhari's neck? Certainly not. But as a matter of fact, Buhari, right from the days of Afonja, has always had this hole in his neck.

But because the various Yorubas of different generations have always been engrossed in the illusion (or is it delusion?) of gluttonous self-gratification, coupled with excessive greed, based on the self-inflicted hypnotic spell of acquisition-induced mental and spiritual slumber, they have always failed to see the hole in Buhari's neck.

The irony is that it is the same pattern that all the Yoruba of various generations have been following in their failure to see the hole, despite the fact that the hole is by no means concealed, making it visible even to the blind. What prevents the Yoruba from seeing the hole is what you will find bewildering.

In the days of Afonja, the hole in the neck of Buhari was as glaring as it was undisguised. Othman Dan Fodio, the Fulani jihadist, did not conceal his intention of "dipping the Quran in the sea, by any means".

Despite this red flag, Afonja, in order to live up to the description that the Fulani had earlier made of them, went and conspired with Alimi, a Fulani warrior, to help him detach Ilorin kingdom from Oyo Empire, and create a distinct autonomous Ilorin kingdom, where Afonja would be a full-fledged king. Alimi gladly acquiesced to the plan, executed it masterfully, successfully carved out Ilorin kingdom from Oyo Empire, to the benefit of Afonja.

Shortly after, the same Alimi eliminated Afonja by gruesomely murdering him, and taking over Ilorin kingdom, converting it an emirate, and making it tributary to the Sokoto caliphate. Up to this moment, Ilorin emirate (Kwara State), is firmly under the control of Sokoto caliphate, despite the fact that Kwara state is over 80% Yoruba. This was made possible because, like the Yoruba of the present day, Afonja did not see the hole in Buhari's neck.

Very recently, in the 1960s, Akintola did not see that hole. If he did, he would not have made himself available to be used by Buhari (Fulani), to cause the humongous and unimaginable carnage that followed his imposition as the premier of Western region by Buhari (Fulani).

Because of the same Afonja mindset, which cost the Yoruba Kwara state, the pains of which has not been soothed up to now, despite shallow and narrow pretences, Akintola preferred to have all his kinsmen decimated, so long as he retained the paraphernalia of power, on behalf of the Fulani. All the unprecedented massacre and murder, which was to culminate in the jihadistic invasion of Western Nigeria and Middle Belt region of Nigeria, earlier preceded by the imprisonment of Awolowo, took place because Akintola did not see that hole.

Of course, Awolowo did not see that hole. If Awolowo had seen the hole in Buhari's neck, he would have stuck to the gentleman's agreement reached at Enugu with Ojukwu, which would have given Yoruba their emancipation over fifty years ago.

It was because the greedy dog, Awolowo, did not see that hole that made him to join forces with Buhari (Fulani) to massacre Biafrans, and share the booty that Biafra would become with Buhari. Awolowo could not have lived in the fool's paradise of being made the president of Nigeria, if he had seen that hole because the circumstances that gave birth to that hole was enough to tell him that Buhari can never contemplate giving up power to anyone, according to British tutelage.

Awolowo could not have invented all the obnoxious and unscrupulous policies against Biafrans, that were, by every means, the continuation of the economic genocide against Biafrans, (having successfully executed the human genocide that consumed over 6 million Biafrans), with the aim of not just economically strangulating emasculating genocide survivors, but with the ultimate goal of systematically exterminating them. No wonder the frustrated criminal, Awolowo, ended up depressed, and committed suicide.

Did Abiola see that hole? Certainly, Abiola did not. If he did, he, a butterfly, could not have considered himself a bird. Because, being a butterfly, and considering himself a bird, he committed the fatal error of flocking with the birds. He ended up in stomach of the birds, as a sumptuous meal.

Another group of people, who can swear with their lives, that they are not seeing the hole are the Oluwale fraudsters, criminals, scammers, con men, magicians, sorcerers, witchcraft practitioners, occultists, divinators, robbers, and extortioners, who call themselves Pastors and men of gods, among whom are, WF Kumuyi of Deeper Life, Enoch Adeboye of Redeemed, Odukoya of MFM, Ashimolowo of KICC, Oyedepo of Faith Tabernacle, and other lesser criminals and sorcerers.
If they are seeing the hole, they would not have made themselves the dumb dogs that they have certainly become.

One of the most pitiable personalities that is not seeing the hole in Buhari's neck is Tinubu. Because of the poisoned chalice (which however is equally an illusion, a hallucination, and a mirage), called "Tinubu 2023", one Amoda from Osun, who turned into Tinubu in Lagos, cannot see anything again, least of all, the hole in Buhari's neck.

Fasoranti's daughter can be murdered. Fulani vigilante can set up toll gates and be collecting tolls from Yoruba, to be allowed to visit their homes outside Lagos. Communities in Osun, Ondo, and Ekiti, can be overrun, sacked, burnt, and occupied.

Olu Falae can be kidnapped, his farm invaded, and destroyed. More than half of Lagos State could be ceded to "Dangote", (which is a pseudonym for the conglomeration of Arewa looters), as an operational base for the conquest and appropriation of the whole of Yoruba land. AMOTEKUN can silently disappear because of the threat of having Biafran Seaports opened.

Osinbajo, who should be the president of Nigeria, since the death of Buhari in 2017, can be out of circulation, with the possibility of being dead, and nothing is being said. All these are obtainable because Tinubu is not seeing that hole in Buhari's neck.

The Yoruba elders, elites, and intelligentsia are not seeing the hole in Buhari’s neck. If they are seeing it, they would have been having series of meetings and press statements, in view of the dark clouds hovering around them, as it was in the days of NADECO, especially with the sudden disappearance of the Vice president, @ProfOsinbajo.

Knowing what transpired around Ogundipe and Gowon would have been enough for this group not to be silent, had they seen the hole. (Where they pretend to see anything at all, they always shroud it in their duplicitous and chameleonic malevolence. No wonder Prof Akinterinwa was appealing to "CoS", Ibrahim Gambari, not to allow Nigeria to disintegrate).

The most pathetic, repulsive, nauseating, dumb, and daft group, that is not seeing the hole in Buhari's neck, which invariably portends or symbolizes the trigger that will strike Yoruba with eternal doom, is the Oluwale Yoruba Lagos Ibadan expressway brown envelope gutter media, together with their LAMESTREAM parents like BBC, CNN, AL Jazeera, Reuters, etc (press).

The Yoruba media, which should be in the front line, with regards to exposing the Nigerian government atrocities, abominations, the state terrorism, the criminality, the jihadistic tendencies, the plundering, pillaging and arson, the emptiness of Aso Rock, the death of Muhammadu Buhari, the consequent importation, imposition and impersonation of Buhari by the impostor, Jubril Aminu of Sudan, (by British government), the death of the impostor and dilemma of the gangsters and bandits operating in the name of Nigerian government, the usurpation of Nigeria's presidency by the illegal first Lady, Aisha Buhari (because her husband, Muhammadu Buhari, died in 2017), the very fact their country has descended to being recognized as #TheZooCalledNigeria, added to the fact #THEZOOHASFALLEN, would have been the tonic for even radical journalism at this time.

The Yoruba media is not interested in any of these because they are not seeing the hole. This Fake news medium cannot report or investigate any of these, but a rotten outfit like Channels TV will be quick to invent and display "weapons recovered from IPOB". BBC will be fast in going to Afaraukwu to "confirm whether Mazi Nnamdi is alive".

So, it can be clearly seen that all that concerns all these personalities is how to obfuscate, truncate, frustrate, thwart, neutralize, impede, or terminate the noble and audacious quest for the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra, (which, in any case, shall neither see any prevarication nor corruption), as we Biafrans remain destructively stubborn, tenacious, vehement, and audacious in our relentless and resilient determination to ensure the obliteration of the British fraud called Nigeria.


Biafra has come!

Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice – TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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