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May 25 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

I had a small chat with Biafu Isioma Anioma-Igbo this morning. I appreciate his input and I like his spirit. We saw things a little bit differently but his blood was hot, so, I chose to spread ice blocks so that we won't combust.

One of the places he is actually right but it wasn't still the crux of my post is that there are still many Igbo people in their millions who will kill Nnamdi Kanu free of charge for even attempting to split their Massa's plantation called one Nigeria.

He is actually right, that we need to look at our own so-called South-Eastern people more. Do you know that most of Nnamdi Kanu's haters are very very poor, impoverished by Nigeria? They should be angry but they aren’t. What they are actually angry about is the fame and respect that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (MNK) wields.

For those in politics, civil servants and ndị Igbo with huge investments outside. I understand their pain. For those who have investments outside, remember your history. All you have is resting on a drum of dynamites. Hating MNK is not the issue. The day anyone draws a sketch of prophet Mohammed in Switzerland, your shops or buildings might be looted in the North or you might eventually get killed. MNK is not a measure of your security in the North.

Some people are into politics, yes, ‘na there dem dey chop’, but they still have a part that identifies with the truth. Besides their politics, they know that MNK is right in his assertions about Nigeria. Most times, people like this don't insult him or the struggle. Some just seek their daily bread and that's just it.

Most of these Igbo people don't see herdsmen attacks and occupation as hate, they don't see the gutter that the country is as a hate country. They don't care that there is no electricity or tap water. They don't care that they are being ruled with High definition pictures. They don't care that 5 million of their people were gruesomely murdered from 1967 to 1970. They don't care that all they had was ceased and no compensation made and no apology. They don't care that they have no federal presence, no ports, no international airports.

Who they're angry with is Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. They are angry because Nnamdi Kanu is angry why the Igbo is still being treated this way even after the war. He is angry because people in Nigeria are not getting a good life. Now, they call him a spreader of hate. Hehe, what exactly is hate? Your leaders cashed out with Covid-19 while Madagascar saw it as an opportunity. Who is the one actually spreading hate? Why are Igbo people like this?

If the Yorubas are defending Nigeria because their criminal politicians and their families are enjoying, I can understand the blind and very foolish reason. If the North can remain the poverty capital but it doesn't matter to them Insofar a northerner is there, I can also understand their own epic stupidity and infinite foolishness. But an Inyamiri? A second-class lower citizen being proud of this dustbin of a country while hating Biafra is truly the most stupid of all the tribes mentioned above. But you know the worst part? He actually thinks he is the wisest.

Most of these Plankta will come here and start yapping rubbish about divergent views. Fulani herdsmen kill you and your divergent view there. Divergent view ‘ndị iberibe’. Divergent view that makes you a perpetual slave, divergent view that puts your village at risk, divergent view that makes Nneka with 200points not to gain entrance into unity school but Adamu with 5points can, divergent view that spits and shits on the grave of 5 million ancestors. Divergent view finish all of you there. You chose to be a slave and you call it divergent view so that all of us will continue being slaves with you. That you have cars and houses does not mean you are free.

The only time most of these earthworms remember Nnamdi Kanu is whenever they are dealt with, after some time, the hormone of stupidity creeps back. Nnamdi Kanu became right when Hope Uzodinma was installed, after some months their captive demons returned. Nnamdi Kanu was right when Atiku was rigged out, after a year, the evil hormone has come back.

All these I wrote, in other to take stocks as we approach may 30th which is the BIAFRA REMEMBRANCE DAY. Most of them will still write "we will never forget" and I wonder what they are doing with not forgetting. Israel has not forgotten what the Nazis did to them during the second World War. Till date they are still hunting down all the commanders in Hitler's army. It does not matter how old you have become.

Our own people will write "we will never forget" then in the next post, he is defending one Nigeria and cursing Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. What an audio remembrance


Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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