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May 21 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

Jubril will always have followers, Trump and Obama will always do. Indaboski will always have his congregation so does Oyedepo. Michael Jackson will always be the greatest to some people while some people have never seen anything like Da Grin no matter how Olamide has tried. Olamide too will always be the greatest to some.

Nnamdi Kanu will always be loved, Atiku will always have his so does Obi. Angela Nwosu will never run out of followers so does Bobrisky.

What matters is, what impact have you made and how far are people willing to go for you? You can have followers but you are still not a leader. A leader is cherished and protected, a leader is truthful and humble. No one wants to lose his leader because he is irreplaceable.

Anyone who doesn't have followers who are ready to give up their lives for his sake is just a manager. Any leader who have followers who are ready to lay down their lives often succeed in the end but the world hates them.

Don't get me wrong, even suicide bombers are the best of followers and their leaders are the best. Jesus Christ had Peter who started a costly fight for his sake, but Jesus hushed him. Look at what Jesus has achieved.

Mohammed, the same thing. Many people fought and died for him, look at what he has achieved. How about Shekau? Have they gotten him yet? Are people not dying for him?

You are a politician and because you steal public money, you think you have gathered followers; therefore, you are a leader. Oga, you are just a manager. People are sticking with you, not because of what impact they can make but because of what they can get. Any day the money stops, your influence is gone.

So, hush with your "Igbo leaders" dictum. The greatest leader alive in Igbo land is Nnamdi Kanu. You may not like to hear it but it is the truth. People spend their own money to answer his call. He is even the one who restrains people to keep them safe from the indiscriminate bullets of the terrorist Nigeria armed forces.

Which other managers in the East can rival that? Once you are a leader, you are a leader for life. Even in your grave, people still pay obeisance because your words are indelible in the memory of your followers.

This is exactly what they are afraid of as long as Nnamdi Kanu exists. You should be afraid of he who can mobilise millions of people only with a spoken word. Igwe bụ ike. Nothing is more dangerous than millions of people willing to lay down their lives for their leader. No wealth is greater either.

These things are earned via selflessness, truthfulness, uprightness and consistency over a stretched period of time. You must defeat all your temptations and come out of the furnace unscathed. You must reject the world to stand on truth. If the debauched and evil world don't see you as insane, then you haven't started. If you can't see money in their billions and reject it, then you are still a baby in the journey of leading people who are willing to die for you.

For your information, Nnamdi Kanu keeps getting a remarkable increase in followers. All you need to do is to extricate yourself from the beliefs you have always had or you have always been programmed to have. Just give your sense a chance.

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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