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May 21 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

When a child is born, whether or not the child is born out of wedlock, the child is born into a family. And because families are harboured in a society, the child is always born in a society. The family begins to nurture the child and the child starts growing. Then the family gradually ties the child to a faith. And of course, the child is just 'tabula rasa' at birth, so whatever you want the child to be like you must deposit as early as possible.

In the part of the world where I come from, even before the child is born, the child is already tied to a faith, and that faith is the faith of the family. And so, the ceremonial tying of a child to faith, to some people, after birth, is child's dedication and Thanksgiving where the family of the child goes to church to thank God for the gift of child and safe delivery, and the church will be enjoined to take part in raising the child. At this point, the family, the society and the church share a sense of responsibility to look after the child. Eventually the child will grow and become a man. And this cycle will continue from generation to generation. This is how we evolve. This is how humanity evolves.

Now, there are three supreme factors that guarantee the identity of every man. And whenever these Supreme factors are under existential threat, then there is a bid problem.

1. Family: Our first point of landing is our family. And what that means is that family is our root of existence. The unwritten codes of our existence and the expression of our physical/behavioural features are locked up in our family. That's why our names can only come from our family. Even when we acquire other names or titles as we progress in life, the names that come from our family will always come first. And you know what!  Our family has spiritual control of our lives. This is deep! That is why we are restrained from doing certain things we see other people do. That is why we don't go to certain places we see other people go even when there is no body from our family to stop us. There is always this consciousness from within that directs our steps and guides our actions. This consciousness is from our family.

2. Society: The society is the pathway to our root. The society gives directional and cultural values. The society gives us a value system that makes us very unique and sellable to the world. The society make it easier for identification of people by mere looking at their appearance and dressing. The society also gives language to people. The society also gives people a peculiar occupation. That's why certain occupation and skills are attributed to a particular race. That's why, in Nigeria, if you want to know about business and trading, you would be referred to the Igbo people. And so, the society gives a character to people. This character is not individual characters that are carried by the genetic makeup of the individual. This character is a shared sense of connection that binds people together in a society.

3. Faith: Faith is like a fluid that keeps the body, the spirit and the soul together. I don't want to limit faith only to religious inclinations even though it is the central and focal point of this very supreme factor. Because there is no doubt that our religious inclinations form the bedrock of our faith and belief. And that's why as early as possible, a child is launched into a faith system, and it is often that of the family where the child is born into.

I would like us to look at faith from a different light. And that light is "the trust or confidence in the abilities of a person or an ideal or even an object." That we are able to interact and allow certain aspects of our lives or dealings to be anchored by certain individuals is because we have reposed some sense of trust or confidence in them, believing that they will do a good job. That's why, in an election period, people go out to vote whom they trust. That's why when you apply for a job, after considering your application and looking at your qualifications, a tentative choice of absorbing you into the workforce is made. That's why, in a society, when you have certain people in position of authority, you become relaxed because you know they won't sell you out. This is faith!

Today, in the entire land of Biafra, these three things that give us identity are under a well spirited and coordinated attack by the Fulani caliphate with clear and unflinching intention to overrun us and take over our land. It has become irrefutably evident to everyone including those who ignored and doubted the cry of a lone voice who revealed that a time like this would come. This lone voice cried in 2015 to the World Igbo Congress (WIC) in USA, but he was ignored. He was despised. And now, everyone is looking up to him to do something. What a mystery!

Our families are under attack, most people in the land of Biafra have lost their lives to the marauding Fulani terror herdsmen. Some of our mothers and daughters have been subjected to sex slaves against the sacred ownership of their bodies. Our society is under attack, most lands, I mean ancestral lands that belong to our society have been taken over by these Fulani Janjaweed with the help of willing tools in and outside our society. Our faith is also under attack because when these blood sucking demons strike, they don't care what your faith says. To them, all of us are the same and truly we are one. We have lost faith in our political and societal leaders because they have failed us and they have failed their conscience.

Now, we must rise up to defence. We must defend ourselves and our land. In 1967-70, we rose up to defence and resisted these forces of darkness for three good years. And it is because of that resistance that all of us are here today. Today, we must rise again so that our children will have a place to call their own.

To show that Elohim is with us, he gave us Ojukwu in 1967, today he has given us Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. What a God!

This is a clear indication that Biafra is coming from heaven itself!

Written by:
Chukwuezugo J. Uduorji
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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