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June 02 2020 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

Firstly, I wish to ask Madam whether Rivers State is the only state constituting Niger Delta?

Because all she is always saying is, Rivers, Rivers and Ijaw. Are the Ijaws the only people in your Niger Delta? Who drew this slave name "Niger Delta" map that you're so proud of?

What about the other states? ls Akwa Ibom, Delta, Cross Rivers at least, not in your Niger delta? Why are they not also in your mouth? Mehnn! This woman is too divisive and hateful.

Each time, I saw you claiming being Niger delta and arguing about it, I always see smallness, selfishness and hatred in your voice and write ups. This is not the quality of a good and selfless leader. A good and selfless leader does not have little mind as you do. You care for yourself only. I can assuredly tell you that, that's not the type of a leader the Ijaw people of this generation will want to have.

Biafrans, I suggest we leave her to be whatever she wants to be, whether, Niger Delta, Delta Niger, South-South, South Centre or even South Middle, let her be. Who cares?

For years she has been doing the same thing without any result, nothing to show for it, no achievement, no structure on ground and no followers. Nobody can tell exactly what she has been doing and her mission, except saying I'm Niger delta.

I started hearing about Annkio Briggs in 2010, that was my 3rd year in the University because of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan election in 2011, because as students then in Uniport we were seriously involved in his election campaign. And this woman was moving from one Radio station to another talking about Resource Control, Rivers oil, Niger Delta oil.

Later on, as Goodluck won, she switched over to supporting Amnesty for Militants, after Goodluck left office, she went into oblivion and stood for nothing, nobody was hearing anything again.

For the records, the 13% Derivation Fund they got from federal government for Niger delta States was made possible because of Igbo support for them. The same thing applicable to NDDC. It was also made possible still because of Igbo support and push for it.

Now that IPOB has come and pushing for Biafra and uniting everyone, she quickly resumed her distraction with her Niger Delta talks. Unfortunately, for her, this her Niger Delta is only Rivers state, Ijaw, because that's the only thing she mentions. If you ask anyone from there how they are going about this Niger delta something that this madam is shamelessly proud of and always using to distract people anytime Biafra is mentioned, they don't know just like madam too knows, she doesn't know but only playing games.

Another important questions that should bother sane minds are:

Ø  If this madam is real and true, why has the Nigerian government not cared or moved against her?

Ø  Why has Nigerian government not been threatened by her activities, if she's real?

The Nigerian government is not moved because there is absolutely nothing she's doing that can set her people free or threaten the corporate entity of Nigerian State. Therefore, Nigeria Government is more or less not bothered about her political jamboree from one Radio station to another, talking about Niger Delta pet project and crude oil. She can continue talking about it from now till the next 100 years, nothing will change.

Again, at this point, I suggest we forget her. She has no impact on anyone not even on the government. She's not speaking for anyone, not even the majority of Ijaw people, she is on her own!  Ighotago?

Written by:
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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